5 Cool Google Messages Features that are Helping People Stay Connected

RCS Chat is one of the Google Messages Features that are Helping People Stay Connected
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Google Messages is messaging developed by Google for Android devices. It enables users to chat, and send MMSs and SMSs.The app has great features that are coming in handy for enhancing interactions with family and friends as the pandemic continues to bite.

Here are 5 cool Google Messages features that are helping people stay connected

Express your emotions
In May, Google added a new feature in its messaging app making it possible for users to react to texts with emojis. This was long overdue as other social media platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger had already integrated these features.

To respond to a text using emojis on Messages, long press on the text. When animated expressions pop up, choose which emotion you wish to use. But, there is a catch, to use the emoji reactions, you must activate Rich Communication Services (RCS).

To activate RCS, go to the Google Messages app, proceed to General Settings, and select Chat Features. Choose the Enable Chat option which should change the status to Activated.

Use Smart Reply to check on loved ones
Smart Reply is an auto-suggest feature that brings up suggestions of your potential response to a message. Normally, it automatically suggests messages and emoji stickers.
The Smart Reply with suggested stickers and texts is ideal when you need to check on family and friends and let them know that you care.

Say more via voice messages
While texts are great for communicating, they rarely capture our emotions as we want. There are also times when you would rather say something rather than write it. So, how about capturing those feelings and sending them to loved ones by recording a voice message? Google Messages has a dedicated button for that. All you need is to hold down the microphone button in the chat window, record your message and press send when you are done.

See your loved ones with video messaging with Duo

Google Messages integrates Duo to enable video calling for web clients. The integration enables users to make video calls from the chat window in Messages.

Since the COVID-19 hit the world, video calling has become the best option for keeping in touch with family, friends, and colleagues as the world observes social distancing rules.

Having video-calling features integrated into this app means that you are not limited to just texting, as you can now call and talk to your loved ones via video.

To make a video call, just tap the video button at the right corner of Messages. This launches the Google Duo video call from within Messages, and enables you to interact with the person you want to talk to.

Personalize messages with media-editor and share photos
Google Messages has a built-in media editor. This allows users to customize their images right in the chat window before sharing them with loved ones. You can draw and decorate your picture using various brushes, or take a photo and personalize it to enhance your interaction.

The cool Google Messages features mentioned above make this app handy for interacting with loved ones while keeping it simple enough for the average user to maneuver easily.

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