Project Optic Nerve: British Spooks Looking at Your Yahoo Webcam Chats Surprised to Find So Much T and A

It turns out that the U.S.’ NSA is not the only intelligence agency conducting privacy-invading surveillance on average citizens. The UK’s GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) has been quietly collecting data – including revealing screenshots of breasts and other body partsfrom Yahoo webcam chats – under an effort called Project Optic Nerve.

Review of the New MySpace: Better Than Pandora, Nothing Like Facebook, Pinterest or Even the Old MySpace!

The social media world is buzzing with opinions about the new Myspace now that they have released the new version. Ever since it was announced that Justin Timberlake was one of the new partners involved in reviving the dead social media site, the Internet has been flooded with speculations as to how the newly revamped site will compare with Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Songza and, of course, how it compares with the old Myspace.

Message to “Change Your Email Address” Mistakenly Sent to Windows Live Users

Countless Microsoft Windows Live Instant Messenger users recieved a message yesterday – a legitimate, genuine message from “” – telling them that they needed to change their email address in order to continue using the Windows Live service. The problem was, while it was a real message from Microsoft, it was sent accidentally, and was not true.

Get Your Own Personal Web Instant Messenger Chat System – Free! – with Meebo

Have you ever wished that you could have your own private web instant messenger? The best of all instant messengers is your own free instant messaging system, and now you can have a free instant messenger chat system all of your own! Just by using this free, no download instant messenger system you can have folks come use your own personal web instant messenger when they want to talk with you! Plus, this free instant messenger service offers one of the best all in one instant messaging serving websites, providing access to all of the instant messaging programs at once! We’re using it ourselves, and it’s awesome!

The Zipit Wireless Messenger 2 Instant Messaging-Only Device is the Perfect Gift for Teens and Tweens!

If your teen is racking up bills instant messaging on a cell phone, has taken over your computer to instant message their friends, or is pestering you because they “need” a cell phone or some other device to instant message their friends, and if you really would like to let them message their friends, but aren’t ready to give them that cell phone, then the Zip-It Wireless Messenger may be just the ticket!

How to Opt Out of Google Gmail Chat and Turn it Off

If you are one of those people who aren’t the least bit interested in using Google Gmail Chat (Google’s instant message chat program in Gmail, similar to AIM and iChat), you probably want to know how to sign out of Gmail chat. So here’s the information you need to disable Gmail chat – to turn the Google chat “feature” off, and deactivate Google Gmail chat instant messages.

Want Emoticons for MSN? Here’s Where to Find Them!

If you use MSN Messenger or email, chances are that at some point you will find yourself using, or wanting, emoticons for MSN. Emoticons are emotional graphics – visual ways to express the way you feel when words alone just aren’t enough. Of course, you probably knew that. But what you may not have known is just how many emoticons for MSN there are (such as alien, 3d, and even erotic adult emoticons!) – or where to get them. Or how to create or make your own emoticons for MSN!