Here's How to Report Political Text Message Spam
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Here’s How to Report Political Text Message Spam!

Here’s how to report political spam text messages and get them where it hurts. Some will tell you that how to report text message spam from political campaigns is to simply report it to your mobile provider, but the real way, the way to have an impact, the way with teeth, is to report political spam text messages to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and it’s easy with the FCC’s online form. You just need to know where it is and what to say.

Apps can help to get you organized
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5 Great Apps to Get You Organized

You are juggling between work, appointments, social life, and family. It’s like every day of your life has to-do lists that you can barely complete. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted, rushed, anxious, and hectic. But now technology is coming to your rescue and offering some resemblance…

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How To Get Into Your Email When You Have Lost Access to the Recovery Codes

While multi-factor authentication is a great method of preventing unauthorized access to your account, there’s one major catch that can really, really screw up your day: losing the factor that allows you to access your account.

RCS Chat is one of the Google Messages Features that are Helping People Stay Connected
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5 Cool Google Messages Features that are Helping People Stay Connected

Google Messages is messaging developed by Google for Android devices. It enables users to chat, and send MMSs and SMSs.The app has great features that are coming in handy for enhancing interactions with family and friends as the pandemic continues to bite. Here are 5 cool Google Messages features that…

Robo Revenge App: Can You Really Make Money by Threatening Robocallers? All Signs Point to Yes
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Robo Revenge App: Can You Really Make Money by Threatening Robocallers? All Signs Point to Yes

Where can you find the Robo Revenge robocall reporting app? And should you? Here’s the lowdown, and also how to report robocallers for fun and profit.

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Feds Test Nationwide Mobile Phone Emergency Alert Today – Don’t Panic

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe, don’t panic… that is don’t panic today when you receive a nationwide presidential emergency alert, at 2:18pm Eastern Time via FEMA on your cell phone, smartphone, or other mobile device. It is a test. It is only a test. If it were a real emergency you would receive vital information via this newly launched alert system.

The Internet Patrol default featured image
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How to Delete iPhone Text Messages so They Stay Deleted

“iPhone text messages won’t stay deleted and keep coming back,” complains one user. “How can I permanently delete iMessage SMS messages?” asks another. It seems that no matter what you do to delete those text messages, they keep coming back! Here’s how to delete text messages and text message threads on your iPhone permanently, so that they don’t reappear.

texting while driving
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Textalyzer Law Will Allow Police to Analyze Your Phone at the Scene of an Accident

A new law introduced in New York would allow police to take your cell phone on the spot, and analyze it to determine whether you were on the phone, or texting, or reading email, in the moments leading up to the accident. Dubbed the Textalyzer – or Textalizer – the bill’s proponents say that the concept is not much different than a Breathalyzer, which police use on the spot to see whether someone is over the legal blood alcohol limit while behind the wheel.

sms text message scam mrs. thorens charity scam
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New Scam: Mrs. Thorens ( Wants to Give Your Charity $2.5 Million

A brand new SMS text message scam has hit smartphones. Coming from, it is an image of text, which reads “CONFIDENTIAL Mrs Thorens has assigned a rewarding charity project worth $2.5 Million USD to you. For full details, please contact her only at her private email address below.” The sample that we saw had an email address of, although it’s quite likely that as that email address gets shut down, the scammers will swap in a different email address.

iphone imessage messages send and receive
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iMessage Stopped Working? Not Forwarding to or Getting the Code on Your Macbook or iPad? Try This

If you find that iMessage is suddenly not working, and sending all messages as SMS text messages only, or if text message forwarding is no longer working on your iPhone and you are getting no code on your Mac or iPad to set it back up, try this.

dark social
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What is “Dark Social” Media and Does it Matter?

In the past few years the term “dark social” has come into play, but just what is dark social – what does it mean, and why does it matter (if it does matter)? Here’s the low-down on dark social.

life360 ford app
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Ford Life360 App Drive Mode Discourages Texting While Vehicle in Motion

Ford has just added the Life360 “don’t text me while I’m driving” Drive Mode app to the Ford SYNC applink system – the system that integrates your smartphone into your Ford vehicle’s own voice recognition, voice command, and communications system. Life 360 is touted as a boon for parents of teenagers, we’re not so sure.

leet l337 speak
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NIFOC, BOGSAT, and 1000s More in FBI Glossary of Internet Slang Acronyms

The FBI glossary of Internet slang acronyms reads like a leet speak (l337 5p3@k) primer, albeit a massively over-inclusive one. Indeed, in the time it would take an FBI agent to skim through the Internet slang glossary looking for a particular term, one would hope they could have just inferred it from context. Put together by the FBI Intelligence Research Support Unit (IRSU) and starting with ADN (Any Day Now) and ending with ZOMG (“emphasized OMG”) and ZUP (“what’s up?”), and everything in between, the FBI primer on ‘net slang is a whopping 83 pages containing nearly 3000 terms, many of them, if not most of them, not even really a thing. Although we are fond of BOGSAT (bunch of guys sitting around talking) and are now using it every chance we get.

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Receive, Read and Send SMS Text Messages on Your Mac Computer and iPad!

Getting SMS text messages on your Mac or iPad may just be the holy grail for many Macbook and iMac users, but until now iMessage has not worked with messages sent from Android phones. If the person with whom you are messaging has an iPhone, then you can message them from your Mac with iMessage, but that has not been the case for texting with Android and other non-iOS phones.

android can_t hear iphone
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iPhones Not Sending Text Messages to Android Phones Sparks iMessage Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed alleging that if you switch from an iPhone to an Android phone, your friends’ iPhones will not be able to send text messages to your Android phone. (Full text of iMessage lawsuit below.)