How to Block Numbers that Haven’t Called or Texted You First

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You know you don’t want that person or telemarketing outfit calling or texting you, but how do you block their number if they haven’t called you first? Or maybe you have a list of numbers that telemarketers use and you want to block them. Here’s how.

How to Block Numbers on the iPhone that Haven’t Called or Texted You First

The secret to preemptively adding numbers to your blocked list when they haven’t called or texted you first is to create a contact specifically for this purpose.


We gave ours the first name of Blocked and the last name of, wait for it… Blocked. But you can call yours whatever you like.

create blocked contact


Add all the numbers you want to this contact. In fact, because the Contacts app is made to facilitate the addition of telephone numbers, this is pretty fast and easy, as you do it on a number pad.

Adding numbers to ‘Blocked’ contact
add blocked numbers to contact


‘Blocked’ Contact with numbers entered
blocked numbers iphone


Once you have entered all of the numbers you want to preemptively block into your ‘Blocked’ contact, do the following:

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How to Block Numbers that Haven’t Called or Texted You First


Go to Settings

iphone settings


Go down to the Phone settings entry

iphone settings phone


Scroll down to and selected ‘Blocked’

iphone phone settings blocked block callers-2


Click on Add New…

add new number to blocked list


Now simply select the entry for your blocked numbers, and all numbers in that contact will be blocked!

How to Block Numbers that Haven’t Called or Texted You First on an Android Phone

The thing about Android phones is that there are so many different interfaces that it’s not easy to give one simple solution.

Generally speaking, it will look something like this:

  1. Go into your phone settings
  2. Select “Call Settings” or the equivalent
  3. Select “Call Rejection” or the equivalent
  4. Select “Auto Reject List” or the equivalent
  5. Add the number you want to block

The website Android Authority has an excellent article on how to block numbers on your Android phone here.

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How to Block Numbers that Haven’t Called or Texted You First

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  1. Um… Why not just add those numbers you added as part of a contact… straight into the blocked list…? -__-

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