Clubhouse Finally Rolls Out New Clubhouse DM Backchannel

Clubhouse Finally Rolls Out New Clubhouse DM Backchannel
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One of the biggest weaknesses of Clubhouse (the Clubhouse app) has been its complete lack of a way for users to privately message between themselves. This ability is known either as “DM” (for direct messaging), or as a “back channel” or “backchannel”. Well, with the July 14th update, Clubhouse now officially has a way to private message users without having to leave Clubhouse. Instead you can DM another Clubhouse user directly within Clubhouse, with the newly rolled out Clubhouse Backchannel.

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Prior to this update, if you wanted to private message another Clubhouse user, you had to go to Instagram to do it. In fact, Clubhouse made a point of encouraging users to connect their Instagram account, so that their Instagram account was hotlinked (i.e. you could click on it from their Clubhouse bio).

Now with the newest update (July 14th or July 13th, depending on where you live) Clubhouse finally has its very own private message backchannel.

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As soon as you update the app, you will see a little paper airplane icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Clubhouse Backchannel Paper Airplane Icon
Clubhouse Finally Rolls Out New Clubhouse DM Backchannel

When you have new messages, there will be a number badge by the paper airplane icon.

2 New Messages!
clubhouse backchannel dm direct messaging private

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When you are in a Clubhouse room, when you click on the airplane icon it will open up your message section like this:

Clubhouse Backchannel Chats Displayed When in a Room
how the clubhouse backchannel looks from a room

When you are in the hallway, you can either click on the airplane icon or swipe left and it will take you to the Backchannel area.

Clubhouse Backchannel Area
clubhouse dm backchannel

And yes, you read the correctly. Previously, when you swiped left, it took you to an area where you could stalk creep on view what all the people who you follow are doing. Now when you swipe left it takes you to the Backchannel area. If you swipe right now, it will take you to the spying area where you can see what people are doing.

According to the Clubhouse blog:

Backchannel has both 1:1 and group chat, and an optional second inbox for message requests. This means you can use it to…

Discuss your rooms in real-time. If you’re a speaker, you can use Backchannel to chat with your co-hosts, plan what question to ask next, or decide who to pull up from the audience. If you’re a listener, you can chat with your other friends in the audience any time you’re in a room. Just tap the airplane icon—or swipe left—to access the chat thread.
Send and receive questions from the audience. If you’re a speaker, you can now take questions from people via text—and use that to decide who to call up from the audience. If you’re a listener, you can now submit questions, even if you’re not able to come up on stage.
Say thanks to someone. Receive a payment? A good question? An invite to a great room? Use Backchannel to say thank you.
Plan your events. A lot of work can go into planning a good event. Now you can use Backchannel to coordinate with your co-hosts, organize questions, decide on guests, and collaborate before you go live.
Chat with your Clubhouse friends. When you meet people on Clubhouse, it’s nice to be able to keep the conversation going after the room ends. Now with Backchannel, you can. :)
There are a lot of additional features we’re working on for v2, and so stay tuned over the coming weeks for a steady stream of updates. As always, our plan is to get it to you early and evolve the product based on your feedback.

That’s it for now. As always, thank you for being part of the Clubhouse community!

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