How to Invite People from Outside Your Country to Clubhouse App

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“I can’t invite my friend to Clubhouse” lamented someone trying to figure out how to send a Clubhouse invite to another country. If your Clubhouse invite is not working for someone outside of your home country, read on.

The problem most often encountered by people trying to invite someone from another country to Clubhouse is the confusion caused by Clubhouse itself. As an example, let’s say that we are in the United States, and we want to invite someone from a different country to join Clubhouse. Depending on the country in which they reside (or at least in which their phone number resides) their mobile telephone number can take one of several formats.

Typically the correct format will already be in your contacts (from which Clubhouse draws the information to send the invite), however Clubhouse will try to interpret it, which leads to your invite effort looking something like this:

how to Invite People from Outside Your Country to Clubhouse App

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Not knowing which of the options is the correct one, you may try each of them, one after the other…

Clubhouse invitation about to be sent
clubhouse invite

… only to be met with failure for each of them, where failure results in a message that reads something like “1234567891 Error invalid number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code.”

Error sending Clubhouse invitation
How to Invite People from Outside Your Country to Clubhouse App

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Frustrating, right?

(It’s also possible that one of those options will work, but then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.)

If you have been trying to invite someone from another country to Clubhouse, and have run into this problem, here is the work-around.

How to Invite People from Outside Your Country to Clubhouse App

Let’s say that you want to invite your friend Joe to Clubhouse, and Joe lives in another country. You have tried to invite Joe the usual way, but have run into the issue described above.

Here’s how to get around the issue:

Establish a text message connection with Joe (this will be easy because even though Clubhouse can’t figure it out, your mobile phone knows how). You may already have a text conversation going with them, but if you don’t, just send them a text message and when they respond you will know that you are good to go.

Now go back to one of the failed text messages – not the failure message, the actual text invitation, the one that looks like this:

clubhouse invitation

Copy it, and paste it into the text message conversation with your friend.

When your friend clicks on the link, Clubhouse will recognize the number from which the link was clicked (yes, even though they couldn’t manage to recognize it properly before).

And that’s all there is to it!

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