The 5 Best Note-taking Apps Ever

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Inspiration, just like Lady Luck, is known to swing around when least expected. So, where do you put down your ideas and thoughts before they get crowded out by the day’s events? When you are on the go and someone suggests a movie you should watch, how do you ensure you will not forget it? Or when you have a conference call and someone suggests something you would like to remember for later, how do you capture it? Fret not, technology has you covered. Welcome to the age of note-taking apps. These handy apps allow you to jot and keep information in one place where you can easily retrieve it when needed.

Basically, note-taking apps are similar to traditional notebooks, only they are online and can be used on the go as long as you have your device. They are better than paper as they work across devices as well as storing data in the cloud.

While there are many great note-taking apps, not all of them are created equal. We have cut through the fat and hand-picked 5 of the best note-taking apps ever. These apps work on both Android and iOS devices. You can even access them using Internet browsers.

Evernote comes with the ability to capture notes in many formats such as pictures, audio, texts, webpages, and videos. You can organize the notes into virtual notebooks, sync the content across devices, and manage it from shortcuts.

The app has many excellent features including a unique tool that allows you to search for text in images. Evernote also doubles up as a scanner and if you upgrade to a paid Business account, you can use Evernote to chat and interact with colleagues.

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Microsoft’s OneNote
This is a note-taking tool with many rich features that stands high above others except Evernote. And it is free to use. While Evernote and OneNote have some similarities, they also differ in feel and look. OneNote simulates the conventional notebook while Evernote was designed with business in mind.

OneNote is quite easy to use and maneuver. You can enter data by typing or using a stylus. In addition, it allows you to capture web pages or scan handwritten notes. Once you create a new note, you can click or tap anywhere to add more content just as if you were writing on paper.

Standard Note
This is an open-source app that emphasizes security and privacy. In a world plagued by data breaches, this is the app you need if you do not want your business information leaking out to rivals. It is simple to use and works across different platforms. The ads-free app allows you to sync your content between it and cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Zoho Notebook
Zoho Notebook is visually appealing with an artistic flair that makes it unique and beautiful. The app runs on Android and iOS and has a desktop version. Each notebook is displayed as a paper notebook with lovely graphics, and with the ability to choose from pre-designed covers. Zoho Notebook also gives you the option of color-coding your notes from pre-selected colors.

Just as the name suggests, Simplenote is designed with simplicity and note-taking in mind. It does not have the rich features of the previously mentioned apps, so if you are looking for something that is downright easy to use and does not distract you with customization, this is your app.


These five note-taking apps ensure that no matter where you go, you will always have a companion to capture important information including observations, thoughts, and ideas.

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