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The Internet Patrol is your award winning source for Internet news. Whether it’s news about the Internet, or news made on the Internet, we’re there, patrolling the mean streets of the Internet for you and bringing information of interest to you in plain English, not tech jargon. The Internet Patrol is a division of ISIPP Publishing. The Internet Patrol’s Editor in Chief is Anne P. Mitchell; Anne is an Internet policy attorney and CEO of ISIPP and ISIPP Publishing. Articles are written by Internet Patrol staff authors and occasional guest authors.

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We never, ever, ever will recommend any product or service on this site that we have not regularly used ourselves and do not wholeheartedly believe in. In some cases, after being very pleased with a product or service, we may enter into a relationship with the provider of that product or service such that if someone purchases that product or service based on our recommendation, we may get a small payment. Such payments go towards the upkeep of the Internet Patrol. All that said, ads by Google are not our recommendations, and are selected and served by Google, and we do not control what those ads display.

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