The Internet Patrol Voted Top Security Blog by Credit Donkey

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We here at the Internet Patrol are thrilled to have been voted a “top security blog” by Credit Donkey, which, while focusing primarily on making personal finance “donkey-proof” (by which they mean fun and easy to understand), also covers the online security sector. In fact, Credit Donkey also provides a lot of great information about online security, which only makes sense, given that a great deal of financial risks these days comes from the lack of a good understanding of online security, and how bad guys can either break into your accounts, or trick you into giving them money or access to your money.

The Internet Patrol Voted Top Security Blog by Credit Donkey
the internet patrol voted top computer security blog by credit donkey


As Credit Donkey says about us in their article, Best Computer Security Blogs: Top Experts:

The Internet Patrol reports on a variety of online issues, from security to cyberbullying to handy tips and tricks. Why The Internet Patrol is a Top Computer Security Blog: If you consider yourself a citizen of the Internet, this blog’s combination of important news from the online world and tips for navigating it will be for you.

As an example of some of the more security-related topics that we cover, there was the urgent update for iOS devices, the data security breach that affected millions of Yahoo users, and a more-urgent-than-usual Microsoft update.

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The Internet Patrol Voted Top Security Blog by Credit Donkey

Did you know that if your personal information is part of any security breach, you have a stunning 1 in 3 chance that your personal information gained from that breach will be used!

With data security breaches happening at a rate of at least once a week, and at all sorts of organizations ranging from banks, to medical facilities and insurance, to Toys ‘R Us and Chick-Fil-A, it really is no longer a matter of if your personal information will be breached, but when.

The article starts out by saying that readers should “Lean on the wisdom of security experts, close observers of security trends, and even hackers themselves to protect yourself,” so, with apologies to Bill Withers, lean on us!

Says Credit Donkey:

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Lots of blogs out there will claim to fill this need – and we’ve found the very best computer security blogs that will, in fact, keep you informed and on top of what you need to do to avoid cyber attacks and password problems.

At CreditDonkey, the credit card comparison website, we often emphasize the importance of keeping your data safe. If your identity gets stolen or someone steals your passwords, you could end up with charges you didn’t make on your credit card statement or – worse – you could end up with your credibility shattered with a low credit score.

By paying attention to the Best Computer Security Blogs, you’ll not only arm yourself with the latest information, but you’ll also be able to protect yourself from the digital bad guys who want your data and want to flood your email account with malware, infiltrate your computer, and take over your good name.

Thanks, Credit Donkey! We’re so glad that you find us to be a valuable resource for citizens of the Internet! We’ve been providing plain English explanations of all things Internet, including security, privacy, devices, and more, for over 15 years.

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The Internet Patrol Voted Top Security Blog by Credit Donkey

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