Want Identity Theft Protection? Call CardCops for the Ultimate in Identity Theft Insurance: Identity Theft Prevention!

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If you want identity theft protection, you’ll find a friend in Card Cops. One of the best ways of preventing cyber identity theft – the best identity theft insurance – is nipping it in the bud before it can happen, and that’s just what CardCops does through their ID Protect program. So when Card Cops come a’calling on you, saying that someone has your information and is in the process of selling or stealing your identity, pay attention!

Explains CardCops, “Our mission is simple….. protect consumers from Identity Theft by providing them with the means of determining whether their credit card or other personal information has been compromised, even before it is used to commit a crime; AND help global Internet merchants reduce online fraud by identifying transactions containing compromised data.”

Just how do they do this?


They actually monitor enormous amounts of Internet traffic – particularly in chat rooms and chat forums where stolen identifications, credit card numbers, and the like, are trafficked. And if they find someone whose identity has been compromised, they contact them to let them know!

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Want Identity Theft Protection?  Call CardCops for the Ultimate in Identity Theft Insurance:  Identity Theft Prevention!

In CardCops own words, “We collect compromised data from cyberspace and make it available in “real timeâ€? to consumers and merchants. CardCops began scouring cyberspace for compromised credit cards & personal data in 2000 and has supplied information to Visa USA, the FBI, the Secret Service, various Attorneys General offices, and other law enforcement agencies. CardCops now makes this data available to individual consumers and online merchants so they may better protect themselves from identity theft and fraudulent transactions.”

And check this out! For only $24.95 a year, you can register yourself with them, and they will automatically notify you if any element of your identity is being trafficked on the Internet! For that $24.95 a year you get:


o To select and submit exactly what personally identifiable information you would like monitored
o Your identity monitored for compromise and possible theft 24/7 – 365 days a year
o Instant phone & email notification ensures that you know the moment your identity has been compromised

Now that is what I call identity theft insurance!

Of course, identity theft is a very serious matter, but even a company such as CardCops runs into the occasional humourous moment. Just this week they found someone trying to sell – and I kid you not – the identity of one Herman Munster, with an address of 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

Somebody saw that would-be identity broker coming!

You can check out and sign up for CardCops I.D. Protect identity theft warning program here.

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Want Identity Theft Protection?  Call CardCops for the Ultimate in Identity Theft Insurance:  Identity Theft Prevention!

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