New Free Website Helps People in Recovery find Sober Roommates

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A new free website and sober roommate matching service is helping people who are sober or in recovery find sober roommates and sober housing situations. Finding a sober roommate is really important for those trying to maintain sobriety or otherwise in recovery, both to ensure that they are in a sober living situation, and because keeping oneself out of the partying atmosphere is key to sobriety, especially in the early stages of recovery.

The site,, launched earlier this year, and already has many listings of both people offering sober housing, and people seeking sober living situations.

The brainchild of addictions therapist Jesse Sandler, a licensed clinical social worker (LCSW), allows those in recovery to create a profile, and then provides them with the ability either to search for roommates for their own sober house, or to search for sober living situations where they can be a roommate in a sober house, depending on their need.


Says Sandler, in an interview with Westside Today, “One of the most important components in maintaining sobriety is your living environment. When people in recovery move out of rehab or sober living facilities, the worst thing they can do is go back to the toxic living environments they were in before they got clean. The second worst thing is to live with people who are actively using. And the third is to live alone, which breeds isolation.”

Explains the MySoberRoommate site, “Whether you’re in recovery or you’ve chosen to live clean for other reasons, one of the best ways to maintain your clean lifestyle is to surround yourself with likeminded people, particularly in your living environment,” adding that “MySoberRoommate is an online community for sober people to meet likeminded roommates. In your profile, you can upload photos of yourself and/or your available room, and share information about who you are. Using MySoberRoommate’s search and messaging features, you can instantly see photos, read profiles, and message with potential roommates who match your selected criteria.”

After you sign up, you can provide information about yourself including how long you’ve been sober, whether you are a smoker, etc..

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New Free Website Helps People in Recovery find Sober Roommates

my sober roommate information


Because anonymity can be an important part of the recovery process (think AA, for example), Sandler says that they were careful to build in privacy controls when creating Messaging between members is private, and members go by screen names, not their real names – it’s up to the member to share their real name with a prospective roomie.

EXCEPT, and it’s a big exception:

Anybody can go to the website, and do a ‘quick search’ without signing up, and the results include profile pictures.

Public Search Results at
mysoberroommate search results


Also, they offer the option to sign up through Facebook, which we always recommend against, and particularly in this sort of context. The moment that Facebook ‘knows’ you are signed up for a sober living situation, that information becomes Facebook data.

This does not mean that we don’t recommend the MySoberRoommate site, because it’s offering a very valuable service.

But we do recommend that you sign up directly (not through Facebook), and that if you care about your anonymity, you use a profile picture that does not actually reveal your identity.

You can sign up for My Sober Roommate here.

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New Free Website Helps People in Recovery find Sober Roommates

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