FCC Publishing Weekly List of Telemarketer and Robocall Numbers

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From the “we knew it was a good idea” department, based on the responses to our own article List of Phone Numbers that Telemarketers Use to Call You, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced this week that it will start publishing a list of telephone numbers which robocallers, robodialers, and telemarketers are using to make their telemarketing calls and robocalls.

According to a statement by the FCC, they are doing this “to help developers build and improve ‘do-not-disturb’ technologies that allow consumers to block or filter unwanted calls and texts.” The data includes the telephone numbers being complained of, as well as other information culled from consumer complaints to the FCC, and the data “will be released and available on the FCC’s Consumer Help Center’s website.” (See link below.)

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FCC Publishing Weekly List of Telemarketer and Robocall Numbers

Explains the FCC’s Alison Kutler, Bureau Chief of the Federal Communications Commission’s Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau, “Consumers want and deserve effective tools to empower them to choose the calls and texts they receive. This data will help improve do-not-disturb technologies so they can provide the best service for consumers. As we encourage providers to offer these services, and as the Commission recently made clear that there are no legal barriers to doing so, we continue to look for ways to help facilitate important consumer tools.”

Good on ya, FCC!

You can get the FCC list of numbers used by telemarketers and robodialers here. It is in CSV format.


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FCC Publishing Weekly List of Telemarketer and Robocall Numbers

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