Send Donation Items to Your Favorite Humane Society with a Click!

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Want to make a difference in the lives of familyless dogs or cats or other animals this holiday season (or any other time)? Over 600 animal shelters have a humane society donation list on Amazon! Just select an item or items from your favourite humane society donation gift wishlist. Making humane society donations has never been easier or more fun (if you find this sort of thing fun, which we do!)

In addition, you don’t have to wonder where your donation funds are going, because you are actually selecting the items (from their donation gifts wish list), and sending the items directly to the animal shelter, rather than giving them cash!



Here, for example, is a bit of the donation items wish list for the Humane Society of Boulder:

humane society donation list items

So just how do you find these humane society donation wishlists?


Be sure to be logged into Amazon, and then follow these simple steps after clicking on the link that is at the end of the article.

When you click the below link, it will take you to the Amazon wish list section, and near the top, on the right, you will see a search box:

find humane society amazon wish list

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Send Donation Items to Your Favorite Humane Society with a Click!


Type in the name of your favourite humane society, and if they have a wish list set up, it will pull it up for you.

Or, you can, as we did, simply type in “humane society”, and pull up the humane society donation wish lists of over 600 animal shelters and humane societies across the country!

humane society wish lists on amazon



In fact, searching instead for “animal shelter” will give you over 400 more animal organizations, and “animal rescue” will net you nearly 600 more!

Once you’ve settled on the animal organization to which you wish to donate, just click on one or more items, order them, and they will be delivered right to the animal organization of your choice!

It couldn’t be easier, and what a way to brighten – and maybe even save – the lives of these dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets, and more!

Here’s the link:

Click here to donate humane society donation items to your favorite animal shelterSend Donation Items to Your Favorite Humane Society with a Click!


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Send Donation Items to Your Favorite Humane Society with a Click!

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