Turo – AirBnB for Car Rentals – Takes Off. But Should It?

Did you know that there is what amounts to an Airbnb for renting cars? Meet Turo, the gig economy app that describes itself as “Way better than a rental car”, and boasts “Book unforgettable cars from local hosts around the world.” Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like: you rent someone else’s car, through the Turo app, just as you would rent someone’s house through Airbnb. In fact it’s sort of like the unholy love child of Airbnb and Uber.

Sexual Consent Apps Cropping Up in Wake of #Metoo Movement

As men and women across the country (and around the world) struggle to both upgrade the definition of ‘consent’ and to understand the new paradigms, it seems only natural that app makers would get into the game. Sexual consent apps such as We-Consent, SaSie (Safe and Secure intimate encounters) and LegalFling have all thrown their hats (and whatever other clothing) into the ring to be your assurance that consent to intimate encounters goes recorded.

Kissing Across the Internet: Kissenger Device and App Sends Haptic iPhone to iPhone Kisses that You Can Feel

While we personally find this vaguely-to-very disturbing, some of our readers may be interested in the newest thing for long-distance relationships: sending ‘actual’ kisses across the Internet. The Kissenger, which calls itself ‘the world’s first mobile kiss messenger’ accessory, and exhorts you to “experience Internet kissing”, is an add-on to your iPhone that you actually kiss, and which translates and sends that kiss to anyone who also has a Kissenger, who will feel the kiss you sent against their own lips, cheek, or other body part*. {Ed. note: Obviously this will be put to uses other than lip-to-lip or lip-to-cheek kisses.}

How to Tip with the Starbucks App

The new, updated Starbucks app finally allows you to tip your barista from your Starbucks card (well, from its digital representation, through the app). However, how to tip your Starbucks server is completely unclear – so here is how to tip using the Starbucks mobile app. Here is the first thing to realize: you can’t tip at the same time as you make your purchase! That right there should save you hours of frustration, trying to figure out why you can’t tip at the point of purchase.

How to Manually Add a Reminder Alert on Your iPhone

Siri has made it incredibly easy to set reminders on your iPhone. Want to be reminded of something you have to do at a certain time? Tell Siri to remind you when it’s time. Want to be reminded of something you need to do when you arrive somewhere? Tell Siri to set a reminder based on location. But what if you want to set a reminder manually – silently – without invoking Siri? Maybe you’re in a meeting, or church, or somewhere else where you don’t want Siri blabbing her loud mouth?

How to Unsubscribe from Match.com When You Signed Up through the Match App via the App Store

If you are trying to cancel your paid subscription with Match.com and get the message “You are currently subscribed through the iTunes App Store. Please log in to your iTunes account to manage any subscription issues” when logged into Match on your computer, you may be having trouble figuring out exactly how to do that. They certainly don’t make it easy (but of course it’s easy enough to sign up for that paid subscription.

SnapChat Debuts Sunglasses with Video Camera

SnapChat has just unveiled SnapChat Spectacles – sunglasses which have an embedded video camera so that you can record video Snaps from a truly first-person perspective. To enhance the perspective, the video is shot in a circular frame rather than a more traditional rectangular frame. SnapChat has also rebranded itself to just Snap Inc..

Russian Facial Recognition App Raising Privacy Concerns Around the World

A new Russian facial recognition app called FindFace is raising privacy concerns around the world. Unlike other recent facial recognition systems, Find Face works somewhat in reverse: rather than recognizing images of someone already known to you, it allows you to take a picture of a stranger, and then it will identify who the person is for you. Source say that so far it works about 70% of the time, based on it’s usage with Vkontakte (also known as VK), which, with 200million users, is said to be the European equivalent of Facebook, and third in size only behind Facebook and Twitter.