Hover Camera Passport Gimbal Error or Batteries Won’t Charge? Here’s What May be Going On

We’ve had the opportunity to be involved with the unboxing of the new Hover Passport video camera drone from Zero Zero Robot (it’s pretty darned sweet!), and so we have also had the opportunity to observe a couple of things that may happen right out of the box. The first is that the batteries seem not to be charging, which may lead you to think that the charger is defective. The second is a ‘gimbal error’ alert in the app on your phone. We’ll talk about both of these.

SnapChat Debuts Sunglasses with Video Camera

SnapChat has just unveiled SnapChat Spectacles – sunglasses which have an embedded video camera so that you can record video Snaps from a truly first-person perspective. To enhance the perspective, the video is shot in a circular frame rather than a more traditional rectangular frame. SnapChat has also rebranded itself to just Snap Inc..

Netflix Purity Commitment Ring Keeps Partners from Binge Watching without the Other

Apparently some folks in the UK have bigger problems than breaking up with the EU on their minds. UK ice cream maker Cornetto has come up with Netflix “commitment rings”, to keep partners from binge watching their favourite shows unless they are together, so that one can’t commit Netflix adultery on the other. Yes, really. Because, says Cornetto, “Love should last longer than one season.”

Man Livestreams Son’s Birth on Facebook

Fakamalo Kihe Eiki and his wife headed to the hospital to give birth to their son right after her water broke. And, as many fathers before him, around the world, have done, Eiki brought a camera with him. What makes their story unique is that the camera was on his smartphone, and that he livestreamed the video of the birth on Facebook.

Survey Finds People Prefer Text to Video – for Some Things – Which do You Prefer?

Everybody knows that video is king on the Internet – or is it? If you’re an Internet publisher, which is better: text or video? A survey that was commissioned by the Internet Patrol, and done by the excellent technology research firm, Osterman Research, has found that, for some things, people prefer text (in fact, vastly prefer text) to having to watch a video to get the same information.

Pizza Rat an Internet Sensation

First we had Basher the photobombing squirrel, and Sneezy the Penn State squirrel, but the newest rodent darling of the Internet is a rat. The video of the rat running down the subway stairs with an entire slice of pizza, has gone beyond viral, catapulting both Pizza Rat, and his videographer, comedian Matt Little, into the pantheon of Internet rodent fame.

Streaming Netflix Accounts for One-Third of All Internet Traffic During Peak Viewing Times

For all the hand-wringing about how downloading of pirated material takes up bandwidth, or even downloading programs, etc. impacts Internet use, the real bandwith glutton turns out to be streaming video. Really, when you think about it, it’s not a surprise. But even then, it was a surprise to learn that every night, between 9:00 p.m. and midnight, audio and video streaming accounts for 65% of all bandwidth use, and Netflix accounts for fully half of that! That’s right, during those hours, Netflix accounts for one-third of all Internet traffic!