Kids Can Visit with Santa Online this Year! Here’s How and Where

Father Christmas or Santa Claus is going virtual
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Christmas will feel and look different this year. In the midst of social distancing rules and other precautionary measures that came with the coronavirus pandemic, the spirit of Santa and Christmas has not been dampened down, but it has had to make some accommodations.

While Santa is not going to get any exemptions, he is not about to take the year off. And so, as COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc across the world, Santa Claus is working overtime to make sure there is no shortage of holiday fun.

To protect both Santa and the kids, several online services have made plans to help children interact with the old, jolly man in the red suit virtually. So, instead of the five minutes, kids spend sitting with Santa at the mall, they will now get a chance to interact with him from the comfort of their homes.

And unlike in the past where kids did not get to choose their Santa, the virtual experience is offering kids a customized Santa meet-up. Children will have the option of choosing a French-speaking or a singing Santa. Sounds cool, right?

Here are some of the services offering a virtual Santa experience.

JingleRing virtual visits

For $25, JingleRing is offering to patch your kids’ (a maximum of 5 kids per call) call to the Northpole for a five minute. The JingleRing virtual visit promises much more compared to the moments kids spent sitting on Santa’s knees at their favorite store. Apart from the five-minute conversation with Santa of their choice, kids will get to interact with Mrs. Claus. In addition, they will also receive a video recording of the call, along with pictures of their meeting with Santa.

Santa – The Experience

The Santa – The Experience runs from December 1 to 24. It promises to take kids on a virtual, out-of-this-world journey to the North Pole, guided by an elf. Kids will get to interact with other elves and Mrs. Claus. Of course, the highlight of the virtual visit is meeting Santa himself ready to indulge their Christmas yearnings. Kids will also have the option of inviting their close relatives such as grandparents to join in the virtual experience.

Macy’s Santaland at Home Experience
Macy’s Santaland is famous for their Father Christmas experience. In keeping with the current COVID-19 requirements, they have morphed the magical interaction into a Santaland at Home experience. From November 27 to December 24, Macy’s is offering kids the opportunity to interact with elves, and Santa via a pre-recorded video. At the end of the virtual visit, they will also get pictures of their virtual visit. For more information, visit

In true Christmas tradition, nothing is going to stop Santa Claus from being there for the kids, not even a pandemic.

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