Netflix Rate Increase Goes into Effect – Here are the New Prices

If you have a Netflix account, you may have received an email from them much like the one below, advising you that the rate increase that they announced some time ago is about to go into effect. You may also recall that they actually raised their rates in 2014, but existing accounts were grandfathered in for as much as two years. Here are the new prices.

What may flummox you is that in the email, they tell you to “visit to review the details of this change and your options for plans and prices,” however even using the link that is included in their email (which you would never click on, but instead would go directly to the site and log in, right??) does not actually take you to a place where you can see the new rates.

In fact, logging in to your Netflix account, and going to your payment and accounting area still doesn’t show you the new rates!

So where are those new rates? Well, we have them for you!

Text of Letter from Netflix on New Rates

Important Membership Information

When we raised prices for new Netflix members in 2014, we kept your price the same for two years. Your special pricing is now ending and as of 8/5/16 your new price will be $9.99 per month.

Please visit to review the details of this change and your options for plans and prices.

As always, if you have questions, we are happy to help. Please visit the Help Center for more information.

–The Netflix Team

So, here you go:

Netflix New Monthly Pricing for 2016


Basic Service (no HD, and can watch on only one screen at a time): $7.99

Standard Service (HD, no Ultra HD, can watch on two screens at once): $9.99

Premium Service (HD and Ultra HD, can watch on up to four screens at once): $11.99

netflix prices 2016

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