What the Hell are Mukbang BJs? It’s Not What You Think (or Hope)

mukbang muk-bang bj
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The term Mukbang BJ (also written as Muk-bang BJ) is not what you may think, although it is sort of related to porn – food porn that is. Mukbang is a Korean phenomenon – in Korean muk-bang translates roughly to “food broadcast”, and the BJ stands for ‘broadcast jockey’, in the same way that DJ stands for disc jockey and VJ stands for video jockey.

So, put this together, and you get a food broadcasting personality, who is known as a BJ, for broadcast jockey.

Mukbang is basically the broadcasting of someone eating huge quantities of food, and before you wonder “who the heck would watch that, and why,” enough people do that there are actually Mukbang BJ stars!

Mukbang BJ Star BJ Benzz
mukbang muk-bang bj star bj benzz

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You can watch Mukbang on Korean television station afreecaTV, and you can also watch it streaming on the Internet, such as on Youtube. For example, you can see the above BJ Benzz’ Youtube channel here.

Mukbang BJs may earn money from sponsorship, but they also earn money directly from their Internet viewers and fans. One Mukbang BJ star, SOF, recently revealed that he makes as much as $180 USD in a day.

So now you know what Muk-bang BJs are, although I guess that we still haven’t answered the “why”, as in “why would anyone want to watch this?”

Perhaps some of you readers can explain? Because frankly we are at a loss to explain why anybody would want to watch someone else eating, let alone gorging themselves.

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One thought on “What the Hell are Mukbang BJs? It’s Not What You Think (or Hope)

  1. Kinda reminds me of the SNL Skit with J.K. Simmons Career Day as ‘the Japanese Messy Boy’.


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