Apps, are they giving cognitive overload?
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Are App Icons Giving Us Cognitive Overload As They Fight For Our Attention?

Recently Instacart, ScrabbleGo, and Google’s apps such as Gmail and YouTube underwent disruptive redesigning. Curiously, the redesigned apps featured saturated, color-clashing designs. While updating, upgrading, and redesigning apps help to improve and give them a competitive edge in the fast-changing world of technology to avoid falling behind, in some instances…

TikTok is one of the social platforms to watch
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5 Rising Social Media Platforms to Watch-If You Are Business Minded

Smart entrepreneurs and marketers use social media to promote their products and services, as they have realized these social hangouts are ideal for connecting with customers. And as new platforms keep coming up all the time, it is important for savvy entrepreneurs and marketers to keep an eye out for…

Google Photos ending unlimited storage
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With Google Photos Ending Unlimited Storage, Here Is How to Check How Much Space You Have Left

If you are a user of Google Photos, then by now you probably know that Google Photos’ unlimited storage is ending in June 2021 (approximately six months from now). This will end the sweet era of unlimited storage most Google Photos users were accustomed to. As of the 1st of…

Free streaming services can save you money
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Save Money with Our List of the Best Free Streaming Services

Now, with millions of people stuck indoors and thus using streaming services more often, while also experiencing financial constraints due to the coronavirus pandemic, people need to save every penny that they can while still staying engaged and entertained. One of the ways you can save money is by ditching…

Internet deception: why is it so easy to lie online and how you can detect it
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Internet Deception: Why It’s So Easy and How to Detect It

In January 2013, Deadspin, a sports blog owned by Will Leitch, exposed an Internet dating hoax that shocked the world. Manti Malietau Louis Teʻo, an American footballer had consistently held that he was in a relationship with a woman he met online known as Lennay Kekua. In the exposé, Deadspin…

You can use several techniques to save online articles to read later
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How To Save Online Articles To Read Later

You spot some interesting content as you browse the Internet but you do not have the time to go through it as you are busy working on something else. So, what do you do to avoid burying the content among dozens of browser tabs you already have open, and make…

You can sell on social media by turning followers into buying customers
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How To Sell on Social Media by Turning Followers Into Customers

Social media has become an important component of digital marketing for any brand with a successful marketing strategy. Though social platforms started out as fun places to hang out with friends, family, and colleagues, they have evolved to become some of the best mediums for building a reputation and boosting…

Father Christmas or Santa Claus is going virtual
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Kids Can Visit with Santa Online this Year! Here’s How and Where

Christmas will feel and look different this year. In the midst of social distancing rules and other precautionary measures that came with the coronavirus pandemic, the spirit of Santa and Christmas has not been dampened down, but it has had to make some accommodations. While Santa is not going to…

Google Chrome has useful features waiting to be discovered
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4 Useful Google Chrome Features You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Google Chrome has become a highly popular browser, beating Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox to take the coveted first position. The open-source application, launched in 2008, now claims about 58 percent of the market share worldwide, according to Net Marketshare. But what exactly makes Chrome such a cool browser compared…

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The 5 Best Note-taking Apps Ever

Inspiration, just like Lady Luck, is known to swing around when least expected. So, where do you put down your ideas and thoughts before they get crowded out by the day’s events? When you are on the go and someone suggests a movie you should watch, how do you ensure…

You can direct phone calls from your Android phone to your windows 10 pc
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How to Direct Phone Calls From Your Android Phone to Your Windows 10 PC

Making calls and answering your phone while working on your PC can be pretty annoying, but Microsoft has changed that with the Your Phone app.

QAnon is an Internet conspiracy
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What is QAnon and Why is it Gaining in Popularity?

QAnon is an Internet-based conspiracy theory holding that a cabal of politicians, celebrities, pedophiles, and human trafficking cartels are covertly controlling world events while collecting life-extending compounds from the blood of trafficked children. QAnon’s origins harken back to a post, posted by an anonymous poster on 4chan, on October 28th,…

Parental control apps enable parents to control kids' activity online
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With Kids Having Increased Online Time Here is How to Protect Them Using Free Parental Control Apps

To keep kids safe, some parents may want to add parental controls to their computers and mobile devices. NOTE: We recognize that this can be a sensitive subject and that reasonable minds can differ as to whether parents should monitor their children’s online activities like this. We think that we…

Global privacy control. Will it succeed where Do Not Track failed?
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Global Privacy Control, Will It Succeed Where ‘Do Not Track’ Failed?

Privacy has become a delicate and controversial affair in the digital age because it seeks to strike a balance between the right to information and the ability to control personal data. This is evident in the back and forth over the recent drive for the Global Privacy Control initiative, which…

Digital nomad life
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Digital Nomad Life: What are Digital Nomads and is it Worth Leaving Your Job?

As the work world shifts ever more towards people working remotely, and as even those people who were previously skeptical are embracing the new paradigm, the view of what is an acceptable location for a worker to perform their duties is evolving to include work-life tourism, also known as ‘digital…