Google Offers “Download Your Entire Search History” – and How to Turn it Off and Delete It

Google has announced the ability to download an archive of your entire Google search history. This, of course, means that unless you at some point turned it off, Google has been archiving every single search that you have ever done in Google. Here’s how to not only download your Google search history archive, but how to delete it, and how to turn Google search history archiving off.

Google Takes on Slack, HipChat, Others with Google Spaces

Google is once again trying their hand at capturing a corner of the real-time meetings and collaborations (or “collabs” as the hip people call it) market, this time with Google Spaces, which was just launched today. The Google Spaces App (and we use the term to mean just about anything you do online now, gone are the days when an ‘app’ meant specifically something on your phone) allows you to create groups of people and share stuff with them.

Google Facilitating Link Farms with Own Adsense Ads

If you have been on any website that has Adsense ads by Google on it (including this one), you may have noticed that Google is running its own ads for Gmail for Work and Gmail for Business. The ads show small businesses with cute domains, such as “” and “”. Shockingly, apparently nobody at Google thought to feature only domains registered to them; leading to a windfall for scammers who snapped up the domains and put ad links on them (these sorts of sites are known as ‘link farms’ or ‘linkfarms’).

How to Create a Custom Repeating Event in Gmail Calendar

If you are using a Gmail calendar (actually a Google calendar), but are used to creating your calendar events on your computer rather than directly in the Google calendar interface, you may have gotten used to being able to create a “custom” repeating interval for your events (such as every X days or every other week, instead of every week or every month). Then, when you need to create an event with a custom repeat interval in the Google calendar interface, you may be perplexed at the seeming lack of the ability to create a custom interval. It’s actually easy to do, but like so many other things designed by Google’s engineers – and there’s the problem, they think like engineers, not like mere mortals – it isn’t obvious. Here’s how to do it.

Google Acquires Songza

It’s true. It’s sad. Google is acquiring song curation service and playlist creator extraordinaire Songza. Why do we say that it’s sad? Because to us Songza was already a nearly perfect service, so while it can do good things for Google, it’s hard to imagine that Google will improve Songza.