Free streaming services can save you money
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Save Money with Our List of the Best Free Streaming Services

Now, with millions of people stuck indoors and thus using streaming services more often, while also experiencing financial constraints due to the coronavirus pandemic, people need to save every penny that they can while still staying engaged and entertained. One of the ways you can save money is by ditching…

amazon side-by-side artists
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How to Use Amazon Music Unlimited with Your Echo or the Amazon Music App (and List of Side-by-Side Artists)

Amazon launched their Amazon Music Unlimited (AMU) service just a few weeks ago. This is Amazon’s entry into the streaming music market, to compete with the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and Google Music, and maybe even to one-up them with the exclusive Amazon Music Unlimited Side-by-Side feature where the artists talk about their music (we include a list of Side-by-Side artists and music below).

recover restore redownload itunes purchased music
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How to Recover and Restore iTunes Music Purchases

We’ve written previously about how you can redownload your iTunes purchases, which is great if you don’t have that music on your current computer, smartphone, or other device. But what about if your purchased music files are on your computer drive or smartphone but have been damaged or otherwise corrupted? For example, a song always abruptly stops midway through playing, and iTunes won’t let you redownload the file? Here’s what to do.

lyrics on iphone
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How to See Lyrics While Listening to Music on Your Phone (including Spotify)

Ever wish that while you were listening to a song on your phone you could also see the lyrics? Well, you can, whether it’s music that you have resident on your phone, or you are listening to a music service such as Pandora, or, yes, even Spotify.

taylor swift tells off Apple
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How Taylor Swift Brought Apple to Their Knees

It’s a story old as time – David and Goliath, Taylor Swift and Apple. Only the slingshot that Swift used was the withholding of her music from Apple Music, Apple’s new streaming music internet radio service (as contrasted to iTunes). Here’s what’s going on and what was in her love letter to Apple.

epic rap battles of history
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Epic Rap Battles of History Videos Provide Fun Online History Channel

Here are some fun history song videos: Epic Rap Battles of History. While history music lovers may quibble about whether or not rap is music (is that argument still going on?), there is no doubt that these history education rap videos are catchy and fun, which makes for stickiness when it comes to history lessons. And what could be more fun than pitting historical characters against each other in a rap battle?

google buys songza
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Google Acquires Songza

It’s true. It’s sad. Google is acquiring song curation service and playlist creator extraordinaire Songza. Why do we say that it’s sad? Because to us Songza was already a nearly perfect service, so while it can do good things for Google, it’s hard to imagine that Google will improve Songza.

bela fleck online concert irocke
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Live Online Concerts Provide New Revenue Source for Performers

Virtual online concerts? Virtual tickets? Lap concerts? (Ok, “Laptop concerts” but we couldn’t resist.) What does it all mean? It means that online shows are helping artists – indie and mainstream – to use the Internet to recoup some of the revenue that the very same Internet helped to reduce, while allowing fans to live stream concerts by their favourite artists from the comfort of their couch.

karen kilgariff live at the bootleg
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Great Technology Parody Song Lyrics: Karen Kilgariff “Live at the Bootleg”

If Weird Al and Alanis Morissette had a love child, the result would be Karen Kilgariff. With lyrics at once hysterical and lacerating, such as the lyrics (below) to “Look at Your Phone” and “Password”, Kilgariff turns her laser focus on contemporary golden idols such as smartphones, and daily annoyances such as forgetting your password.

music lyrics songs ios 7
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How to Display Lyrics for Songs in iOS 7

If you have added lyrics to your songs in iTunes, and are used to displaying them while a song is playing on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, but now they aren’t displaying in iOS 7, fear not, you just need to know where to find them.

amazon prime music
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Amazon Prime Music Service: Unlimited Streaming Music and Unlimited Skips

This week Amazon introduced its Amazon Prime Music service, with unlimited free streaming music (for Prime members) and even unlimited “skips”.

iphone music no data
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Why is there Still Music on My iPhone After I Removed it All?

I was trying to free up space and I unchecked all the music on my iPhone, synced, and there are still 113 songs on my phone! What gives? How do I get all of the music off my iPhone? Why isn’t iTunes doing what I tell it to? Here is the answer.

The Internet Patrol default featured image
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The Harlem Shake: What it Is, Where to Watch it, Which One to Watch

What is The Harlem Shake? That depends on whether you’re talking about the Harlem Shake dance, the Harlem Shake song, or the Harlem Shake video — by either Al B, Albee, Baauer, Bauer, Bauuer, or the Russian Army. And, the infectious internet meme doesn’t get any less complicated from there. But since the original Sunlight Harlem Shake, it has gone viral on YouTube (or uTube if you prefer) at breathtaking speed.

The Internet Patrol default featured image
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Rickrolling: The Benign Form Of Phishing That’s Never Gonna Give You Up While It Teaches Online Security

What is rickrolling? Well, if you’ve never been rickrolled, the best description is a zesty combination of an imaginative but harmless phishing technique, 80’s pop sensation Rick Astley, and a fun but cautionary lesson in taking care before you click ANY link online.

The Internet Patrol default featured image
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‘So God Made a Farmer’ Dodge Ad Makes Some Wonder Where to Listen to All of Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story Shows Online

While this year’s Superbowl ads did not disappoint, one of the clear winners was the Dodge Ram truck commercial which pays homage to farmers. Perhaps the most poignant part of the ad was the recording of Paul Harvey’s 1978 speech called, “So God Made a Farmer.” It got some wondering as to where to listen to all of Paul Harvey’s Rest of the Story shows online? Well the good news is that, even though Paul Harvey died in 2009, his voice and stories do indeed live on.