How to Display Lyrics for Songs in iOS 7

If you have added lyrics to your songs in iTunes, and are used to displaying them while a song is playing on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, but now they aren’t displaying in iOS 7, fear not, you just need to know where to find them.

(If you haven’t already added lyrics to your songs, through iTunes, to display while the music is playing on your iPhone or iPod or iPad, here’s how to add lyrics to songs in iTunes.)

What you are probably used to (for prior versions of iOS) is the lyrics automatically displaying like this:

display lyrics for songs in ios


However, in iOS 7, you have to access them instead of them automatically displaying. Fortunately, this is not difficult. All you have to do is tap on the graphic image displayed while the song is playing (usually the album cover), and it will bring up the lyrics.

access song lyrics in ios 7

music lyrics songs ios 7


Also be sure that you have Lyrics & Podcast Info set to ‘on’, in Settings:

lyrics settings ios 7

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How to Display Lyrics for Songs in iOS 7
Article Name
How to Display Lyrics for Songs in iOS 7
Here is how to display lyrics for songs in iOS 7.

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