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What Does “Non EU Version” Mean in the iTunes Store?

If you have purchased something from the iTunes store, and seen that it said that it was the “non EU version”, and wondered what that meant, well, you’re not alone. We recently set out to determine just why some iTunes music has this “non EU version” designation, and here is what we found.

how to display lyrics when playing music on your iphone or ipad
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How to Display Lyrics When Playing Your Music on Your iPad 1, iPad 2, or iPad 3 (Yes, It really Works!)

One of the biggest frustrations that iPad owners have had is that with the latest OS upgrade Apple has completely done away with the ability of the device to display stored lyrics from iTunes in the music player when playing music (not to mention that the music player generally now sucks – more on that in a moment). What do we mean by display lyrics stored in iTunes? What, you didn’t know that you can add lyrics to your songs in iTunes, and have them display when you are playing your music? Well now you do (by following that link)! And here’s how have those iTunes stored lyrics display on your iPad while you are playing music.