How to Search All of Craigslist at Once

Now that Craigslist no longer has “adult services” listings, people can get back to the business of using Craigslist for things like buying stuff, selling stuff, and finding rentals. This is all well and good, but Craigslist separates all of their listings by geographic location, in fact often by very localized location. What if you want to expand your search? What if you want to search all of Craigslist at once? Fortunately for us all, there are three different ways that allow you to quickly and easily search all of Craigslist, so that you can search all Craigslist listings at once. So here’s how to search all of Craigslist at once.

How to Listen to a WMD File on a Mac and to Convert it to MP3 – No Additional Software Required!

More and more audio files are showing up on the Internet in WMD format, which means that you need to convert those WMD files to listen to them on your Mac or MP3 player. This is particularly true for audio books, which frequently are downloaded as a WMD file. WMD is a format used by Microsoft’s media software, and unless you want to install the Microsoft software on your Mac in order to play your WMD file on a Mac, you are going to have to convert that WMD file in order to listen to it on your Mac. Fortunately, it’s actually really easy to convert a WMD file to listen it on a Mac, and to create MP3s of the file so that you can listen on your iPod, iPad, or other MP3 player.

How to Use and Connect to Your Mifi Wirelessly While it is Connected via USB to Your Computer

The Verizon Mifi 2200 (also known as the “Mifi wireless internet hub”) is a personal access point, or PWAP, and is a wonderful thing – a wifi hotspot in your pocket, wherever you are. And you can let up to 5 people connect to it wirelessly – unless you are charging it via your computer’s USB connection, in which case you can only use it as a USB modem for 1. Until now – here are directions for how to use USB to charge and connect with your Mifi, and still have up to 5 computers (including yours) connect to it wirelessly.

How to Shuffle Music on the iPad – Easy Steps, Complete with Screenshots!

If you’ve been trying to figure out how to shuffle your music on your iPad, well, you’re not alone. Apple could hardly have made it more confusing. First, you can’t shuffle your music on your iPad in iTunes, because iTunes isn’t even where your music is on the iPad! Your music is in the iPod app on your iPad, and you can shuffle your music on the iPod on the iPad, but you have to know the secret. So, here’s the secret.

How to Cancel Auto Renewal of Your 3G iPad Data Plan and Stop the Automatic Billing Payment (With Screen Shots!)

Even though the 3G iPad has only been out for a few days, much to our surprise we are getting as many questions about how to cancel the automatic iPad AT&T renewal for the 3G data plan – in other words, how do you cancel the 3G data plan auto renewal on the iPad wifi + 3G – as we are about how to set up and connect to the iPad 3G automatic billing plan for 3G data. As we discuss elsewhere, signing up for the AT&T 3G data plan for the iPad 3G is easy and painless, so we are guessing that people are asking about how to stop automatic payment for the iPad 3G data plan because they want to be sure that it is as easy to cancel the auto renewal for the iPad data plan as it is to sign up for it.

How to Connect to a Starbucks AT and T Wifi Hotspot with a 3G iPad

One of the perks of getting the iPad 3G is that, in addition to the 3G, says AT and T and Apple, “you’ll have access to over 20,000 Wi-Fi hotspots, including Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and more.” In other words, you can connect your 3G iPad, via wifi, to more than 20,000 AT and T wifi hotspots (usually named “attwifi”), at no additional charge. But how do you connect at these 20,000+ AT&T hotspots at no additional charge? How do you connect to a Starbucks AT&T wifi hotspot, for example, with your iPad 3G?

How to Link Directly to a Particular Facebook Status Update

With as unprivacy oriented as Facebook is, you would think that it would be obvious how to link directly to one of your Facebook status updates. But, even though the way to do it is staring you right in the face whenever you look at any profile in Facebook, it isn’t obvious at all. Although, once you know the secret, it’s dead easy to link directly to any status update on Facebook. (Under the hood, it’s identified as the “story_fbid”, but you don’t actually need to know that.)

How to Unfriend Someone on Facebook

Hey, it happens. There are any number of reasons why you may want to “unfriend” someone from Facebook – that is, remove them from your friends list. It isn’t necessarily personal, in fact it usually isn’t. Perhaps you don’t really know the person that well; perhaps you or they use Facebook primarily for business and your uses of Facebook don’t jive. Or perhaps they overuse the Facebook invitation process or the sending-you-cute-non-existent-items-via-Facebook process. Whatever the reason, it’s perfectly acceptable to remove somebody from your Facebook friends. But how do you unfriend someone on Facebook? It’s actually pretty simple, once you know how.