16 thoughts on “How to Cancel a Free Ancestry.com Account (It Shouldn’t be This Hard!)

  1. Thank you for posting this. Using Ancestry, both paid a free versions I hesitate recommending due to my experiences leading me to believe Ancestry.com is somewhat sleazy and predatory. I’m including a link to this awesome article each time I explain how to view my tree on Ancestry and/or sign up for the first time. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for posting this. Disgraceful ! I was hesitant about getting into this in the start! And formgood reason, I suspected this would be like a life sentence. The idea of giving these guys in free will my DNA!!!!!!! Horrifies me to my core! Now there’s the ultimate database. Forget about them having younpersonal details, people are handing over their very genetic makeup !!!! DONT DO IT!

  3. Have an old account using an email. No longer using that account. Now am trying to create a new account using that old email and it won’t let me and I can’t bring up that account

  4. Costa
    Why I can’t cancel it.I don’t want you to send me emails anymore.Do we leave in a Dictatorship or in a free country,Cancel it now or I will report a spasm.

  5. GOOD NEWS- EMAIL CustomerSolutions@ancestry.com AND REQUEST YOUR ACCT BE DELETED FOR PRIVACY REASONS. The rep on the phone said to be sure to indicate ‘privacy reasons’ as that would require them to delete the acct. (He offered first to put me on the ‘do not contact’ list, but I insisted on deleting the entire acct) Hope this works for you too.

  6. I did it …hope it works! Sick to death of their emails. Also changed my username to reflect this.

  7. These Ancestry.com people charged me twice on the same day. Having a hard time getting it refunded! Do not sign up with them. Hire a Private Investigator, it will cost just as much!

  8. I am so tired of unsubscribing to their unsolicited emails only to still have them clogging my email account. Thank you for the tip. I have also deleted everything remotely personal on my account – I have even changed my user name to reflect I want to unsubscribe.

  9. Gad, I sure hope this works. I had tried to manage email on my system and still kept getting emails from these clowns. I think Ancestry’s email shows as ancestry.com but it is really something else hidden, if that’s possible. I had originally signed up through Ancestry.UK and had to sign back in there to get to my account. However, all emails are Ancestry.com, like they come from the States. REALLY very annoying.
    Also, I heard years ago, if you give them your credit card number and are supposed to get the first 15 days free, they will pull payment on Day 10. Very bad business practices.

  10. So I read all the remarks and comments about ancestry.com. just like to say you’re right about unsubscribing not being easy. But if you call their 800 number wait on hold for a short time , Mine being 15 minutes they unsubscribe me with no problem and no charge. Thanks

  11. FINALLY! A solution (I hope). Just tried your suggestion. If it works, I’ll pass this along. Talk about a nightmare!

  12. Thank you, thank you very much. I am so relieved to be able to put this to rest. Gratefully Yours.

  13. Change your email to the Ancestry email. Can’t be spam if they are sending it to themselves. Yeah, I know that prob won’t work but it is a nice thought!

  14. Being politically active during campaign periods, which now days is eternal, I get solicitations for bribes, contributions, continually. Some of these have no opt out feature suggesting questionable ethics or bogus campaigns. This might work on those as well.

  15. Their experience is positively dreadful and I had to jump the same hoops to stop getting email I never asked for or agreed to. I went a step further as well and contacted customer service, went a few rounds and forced them to delete my account. It can be done, theoretically, but I’m not going to attempt to sign in to confirm it for fear that it will reactivate the bots and I’ll have to start all over!

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