How to Improve Your Facebook Experience 1000% with this Simple Free Facebook Tool

Want a tabbed timeline on Facebook? Or to learn how to hide posts you don’t care about on Facebook? How to have ‘enter’ insert a new line in a comment instead of posting it? How to hover over a thumbnail image on your timeline and see the big picture? Or how to get rid of those damned bait and switch sponsored ads on Facebook?

Read on for how to do these, and more things which will make your Facebook experience 1000% more enjoyable!

And, we tell you our surprise favourite for those who write about Facebook.

facebook fixed

It all starts with a free brower add-on called Social Fixer.

Social Fixer works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, and, as we mentioned already, it’s free. But don’t let the price fool you, because once you have it, you’ll agree that it’s worth way more than that.

Social Fixer gives you a great degree of control over many different aspects of your Facebook experience. Too many in fact, to mention here, which is why we are giving you the highlights. Once you install it, you can play around with Social Fixer at your leisure.

As soon as you install Social Fixer, the next time you load Facebook in your brower, you will be prompted to do a quick set-up of your preferences (you can do a much more detailed fine-tuning later).

social fixer settings 1

Right away, you get into some of the best features – like a tabbed timeline!

social fixer tabbed timeline

And, one of our favourite features – now when you hit “enter” when typing a comment, it inserts a line instead of posting your half-formed, not-ready comment! (But only if you want it to, otherwise just leave it as is.)

social fixer enter new line comment

Don’t like how your friends timelines look or are laid out? You can even adjust that! Get rid of those cover images completely. And remember when Facebook pages used to be a single column, instead of side-by-side columns? Welcome those days back, if you like!

single column timeline

Similarly, you can see full-sized images now without having to click on the image – just hover over the thumbnail (and, you can also set it to display images that you do click on in the way that Facebook used to display them, on the page in the post, instead of the pop-up “lightbox” or “theatre” display that Facebook forced on us.)

explode thumbnails on Facebook Social Fixer

All this said, Social Fixer’s most powerful feature is the ability to set custom filters for what shows up on your Facebook news feed.

Explains Social Fixer:

Feed Filters give you powerful control over the stories posted to your feed. Each time a post is inserted into your feed, each rule is evaluated against it, from top to bottom. If the rule is a match, then the specified action is taken.

The rule criteria is defined by the first 3 columns – Author, Application, and Other. You must select a value from one or more of these criteria. If you leave a criteria blank, that means any value is a match. For example, if you don’t select a specific author, then the rule will match posts from any author. If you select one or more values, then for the post to match it must match one of the selected values! Note: If no criteria is selected at all, then the rule will not match anything.

If a filter rule matches a post, then whatever is selected in the Action column will be performed on the post.

For example, you can have all items from or relating to an app be automatically hidden! Sick of updates from Farmville? Now you can banish them to Goneville!

Or filter by author – never want to see something from your whiny sister-in-law, or always want to see something from your spouse? Create a filter for them too.

You can even create filters based on content!

Here are the things you can have your filter do to a post that matches the filter:

– Hide it.

– Minimize it by removing the picture so that it takes up less space.

– Move it to a tab that you have created for posts matching your criteria.

– Apply your own custom CSS to it!

Social Fixer also allows you to completely change the look of Facebook by applying themes.

facebook themes social fixer

And then there is the “Friend tracker” feature, which will notify you if somebody unfriends you:

track who unfriends you Social Fixer


Of course, you may be reading this because you want to know how to hide those sponsored ads from the right-hand column on your timeline (and we don’t blame you). Here’s how – it’s so simple!

Once you have installed Social Fixer, you will see a little X in the upper right-hand corner of those sponsored ads:

how to get rid of sponsored ads section facebook


are you sure you want to remove sponsored ads from facebook


Just look at that clean, sleek, adless timeline!

adless messengerless timeline


By far, however, one of our favourite features is the anonymizer feature. With a single click, you can have all of the names changed, to protect the innocent (or not-so-innocent) before you do a screen capture. To unanonymize the page, simply reload the page.

anonymize Social Fixer

And these are but a few of the things you can do to make your Facebook experience more pleasant, and less intrusive.

Social Fixer settings

Again, Social Fixer is free and works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

You can download Social Fixer here.

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How to Improve Your Facebook Experience 1000% with this Simple Free Facebook Tool
Article Name
How to Improve Your Facebook Experience 1000% with this Simple Free Facebook Tool
Here's how to improve your Facebook experience by 1000% for free! A tabbed timeline, hide posts you don't want to see, see who has unfriended you, get rid of sponsored ads, and more!

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