Google Maps Street View Leads to Divorce

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Google Maps has just been implicated in a divorce, its Street View having captured an image of a woman undeniably cheating on her husband. In the past we have written about various Google Maps oopsies, including it causing the wrong house to be demolished, and Google Street View capturing the image of a woman urinating in public. But to the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that Google Maps has led to divorce.

First, back in 2016, an error in the mapping of addresses and street names by Google Maps caused Lindsay Diaz’ home to be demolished. The demolition company used Google Maps to locate a home it was to take down, and the error caused the demo company to go to a home with the same street address, but the next street over (Google Maps showed both houses to be in the exact same location).

wrong home torn down demolished because of google maps



And several years ago, Google Street view captured and shared with the world, for posterior’s sake, if not for posterity’s, a picture of a woman relieving herself in public.

goog pee


So, last month, a gentleman from Peru decided to look up some destinations to which to take his wife on a romantic vacation.

One of those destinations was the Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) in the Barranco district of Lima.

Puente de los Suspiros – Bridge of Sighs
Puente de los Suspiros Bridge of Sighs barranco lima peru

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Google Maps Street View Leads to Divorce

According to How to Peru, “The Puente de los Suspiros (Bridge of Sighs) is one of the most famous landmarks in the Barranco District of Lima. To be honest, it’s not exactly Lima’s answer to the Golden Gate Bridge — unless you’re a very big small wooden bridges enthusiast — but it’s definitely worth a look as you stroll around the beautiful bohemian Barranco.”

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Ah, but is it romantic?

According to Viator, yes!

“If you’re looking for an atmospheric spot to watch the sunset in Lima, there are few lookouts as romantic as the Bridge of Sighs (Puente de los Suspiros), the principal landmark of Lima’s Barranco district and even immortalized in song by renowned Peruvian singer Chabuca Granda. Built in 1876, the wooden bridge runs across the high banks of the Bajada de los Baños ravine between the streets of Ayacucho and La Ermita, and joins the pretty red chapel of La Ermita to the Parque Municipal.”

So, that sounds pretty good! And apparently the man’s wife thought that it was a good place for a romantic tryst as well.

Just not with her husband.

You see, back in 2013, while, let’s be clear, this couple was married – to each other – Google was sending their Street View Van around the Barranco district of Lima, when it happened to snap this image:

google street view divorce lima peru

And in 2018, when the husband was looking for a romantic place to take his wife, and checking out the Puente de los Suspiros, he happened upon that Google Maps Street View image.

And..recognized his wife.


Confronted with the evidence of her infidelity, says, she confessed.

And now they are getting a divorce.

The moral of this story?

Google – it’s everywhere.

And, oh yeah, don’t cheat.

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Google Maps Street View Leads to Divorce

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