Google Captures and Publishes Pic of Woman Urinating in Public

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Google’s controversial Street View feature – often accused of invading privacy – is back in the news again.

The Google Street Views are created primarily by compiling thousands of images taken by a team of roving Google StreetView vans equipped with cameras.

After being sued for invasion of privacy over their StreetView van going where the plaintiff felt that it oughtn’t, Google responded by adding their face blurring technology to their StreetView setup.

Apparently, however, faces are not all that they should be blurring.

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A few weeks ago, the Google StreetView van caught a woman in Madrid, Spain squatting behind a parked car and, well, relieving herself.

And they published it in their street view!

After cries of outrage, along with a few giggles, Google did depublish the picture.

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But publishing it at all was – yes, we have to say it – rather cheeky.

women urinating in public
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2 thoughts on “Google Captures and Publishes Pic of Woman Urinating in Public

  1. If you don’t want to be photographed in a public place doing something, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it!

  2. When you gotta go, you gotta go! At least this gal tried to hide behind a car! In China, if you took a picture of a busy street, it would be virtually impossible not to capture at least 1 person relieving themselves on the sidewalk or street!

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