8 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Phone Number is Associated with Someone Else’s Facebook Account

  1. Dear Customer Service,

    I recently purchased a phone and have been using it for one or two months. Recently, I decided to reenact my Facebook page. Using the new phone number, it brought up a woman’s Facebook page who I learned lives in another state. Apparently, the phone number associated with my phone has been recycled and used to be this other person’s phone number. And it’s been so long since I originally setup my Facebook page that I’m not sure which phone number I was using at the time when I created it. I’ve changed phones several times over the past couple years and with a new phone came a new number. What can I do at this point to unlink my phone number with her page? I tried calling the Facebook Customer Service number and I got a recording that Facebook is not providing phone support at this time. In addition to the erroneous Facebook page, I am also receiving phone calls from people I don’t know. I even received a Happy Mother’s Day text on Mother’s Day (I happen to be a man).

    So….any suggestions or advice that will help me.

    I appreciate your time and response.

    John Skinner

  2. New phone fb account belongs to someone else along with my old email address what do I do.

  3. Hi I got a new phone and was trying to get Facebook but my phone number and email has given me someone else everything I try to get my own account it keeps logging somebody else the same person maybe iv done something wrong

  4. Please help me w/ my Facebook account it was hacked also my instagram account and this person also opened up a kik account

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