15 thoughts on “What to Do When Your Phone Number is Associated with Someone Else’s Facebook Account

  1. Why is my phone number being used by somebody else… I have never changed my phone number in 23 years .. I have never forgotten my password so have NOT had a code sent to me…
    AND WHY WHEN I WANTED TO DELETE MY OHONE NUMBER did F/B say that I might lose my F/B page ??

  2. I’ve had the same number for over a decade and someone used my number to regain access to their Facebook account. Now when I try to login for a game it logs in as the person that used my phone number.

  3. Wen am trying to log in my facebook my account with My mobile phone number its comeing up with sumone else account wich my number connected I don’t even know at all aswell my account on Facebook how do I solve the problem please. Or this it’s the phone I bought off Facebook market along time ago in 2017/2018

  4. Me too it’s unreal what is even more unbelievable is the man looks familiar and his daughter has my name and his son has the same name that my mother insisted I name my son lol it’s eery to say the least I have actually tried messaging his family and friends and thought the green active button was in for all, have gotten no response back just see the … That they are on and have gotten a hello when I call and then hung up on… I’m baffled at this point and it’s the second time this has happened the first time it was a man named Matt and I got literally all his pictures and he as well looked familiar to me,that was somewhat resolved but this new person Dave is from England and surrounding areas….too weird. I called the Mobil company and I get the same Chinese or Japanese Lady every single time I call night or day! Now how is that even possible for one woman to handle all calls, not know a thing, unable to give you a name of another person who can assist, and keep asking for your credit card number as the only way to help or change my number lol ???? I paid cash for phone and never gave my credit card only the sim, serial number of phone and the scratch off pin on the pre paid card!! Please somebody guide me into the truth of this ???? thank you

  5. I haven’t been on Facebook for many years. I tried to login. Found couldn’t
    Others seem to be using my email address. I don’t do text messaging. Only rely
    on email address and landline.Not digitally confident. Could you please assist me?

    1. Hello, Dorothy. Unfortunately we are unable to assist you as we have no connection to Facebook. The best thing (really the only thing) you can do is to go to the Facebook help center, here: https://www.facebook.com/help OR, you could just create a new Facebook account.

  6. Dear Customer Service,

    I recently purchased a phone and have been using it for one or two months. Recently, I decided to reenact my Facebook page. Using the new phone number, it brought up a woman’s Facebook page who I learned lives in another state. Apparently, the phone number associated with my phone has been recycled and used to be this other person’s phone number. And it’s been so long since I originally setup my Facebook page that I’m not sure which phone number I was using at the time when I created it. I’ve changed phones several times over the past couple years and with a new phone came a new number. What can I do at this point to unlink my phone number with her page? I tried calling the Facebook Customer Service number and I got a recording that Facebook is not providing phone support at this time. In addition to the erroneous Facebook page, I am also receiving phone calls from people I don’t know. I even received a Happy Mother’s Day text on Mother’s Day (I happen to be a man).

    So….any suggestions or advice that will help me.

    I appreciate your time and response.

    John Skinner

  7. New phone fb account belongs to someone else along with my old email address what do I do.

  8. Hi I got a new phone and was trying to get Facebook but my phone number and email has given me someone else everything I try to get my own account it keeps logging somebody else the same person maybe iv done something wrong

  9. Please help me w/ my Facebook account it was hacked also my instagram account and this person also opened up a kik account

    1. I was recently hacked on facebook and created a new account and now I cannot use my mobile phone to verify my account as it was used on a different account.

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