Fugitive Arrested After Commenting on His Facebook Wanted Poster

Nicholas Emond – the heavily-tattooed fugitive who went by the Facebook name “Sin Demon” – was apprehended in Somersworth, New Hampshire following a lengthy exchange on Facebook, during which Nick Emond commented extensively on his WMUR “Most Wanted Wednesday” wanted poster (or, rather posting).

fugitive Nicholas Emond

Asked one commenter upon seeing his picture, “Did he fall asleep around a toddler with a Sharpie?”

The wanted poster, which was posted to WMUR’s Facebook page, garnered over 200 comments, more than a dozen of which were from Emond himself.

Posting as Sin Demon on Facebook, Emond attempted to correct what he saw as misconceptions about both himself, and his crimes. To be fair, rumours were flying that he was wanted for, among other things, armed robbery, when in fact the Federal marshals were looking for him because of violations of his probation, which stemmed from a charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Said Emond in response to one Facebook comment on his mug, “Armed robbery? ??!! Check your facts lady caz I’ve never been charged with that and furthermore I was never charged as a felon in possession my charge is verbatim …. conspiracy to provide false or fictitious info.”

{Note: According to news reports the charge was in fact being a felon in possession of a firearm, although we cannot verify the accuracy of those reports.}

Nicholas Emond Sin Demon facebook

Nicholas Emond Sin Demon Comments

Emond was apprehended two days after his string of comments.

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