How to Convert an Audio File to Video to Post an Audio File to Facebook or YouTube in 1 Easy Step!

How to Convert an Audio File to Video to Post on Facebook or YouTube in One Easy Step


If you are looking for how to post an audio file to Facebook or on YouTube, the answer is that you have to first convert it to a video format file. So here is how to convert an audio file to a video file on a Mac or a PC for posting to YouTube or Facebook, in one easy step!

Now, of course, you could upload the audio file to SoundCloud or some other audio hosting service, but that means, particularly with Facebook, that you will just be posting a link to the file on SoundCloud.

What if you want to be able to put the audio file directly on Facebook, just like you can with a video file, so that your friends on Facebook can just click on it to play it, like, again, they can do with a video that you post on Facebook?

If you do a search for how to convert an audio file to a video file, or how to post an audio file to Facebook or YouTube, you will find that most of the tutorials require – at a minimum – three steps, two of which involve opening a movie or video making software program, and importing the audio file into the movie or video editing program and making it into a movie. Then of course you export the new video file, and upload it to YouTube or Facebook.

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We thought that was a lot of hassle, and so we kept searching for a better, easier way to do it. Something that didn’t require so many steps, just the step of taking your audio file and popping it out as a video format file. And guess what, we found it! And here it is!

How to Convert an Audio File to Video to Post to Facebook or YouTube in 1 Easy Step

The secret is in this free (yes free) app that we discovered during our own research. It is called, simply enough, Adapter, and is made by the awesome folks at Macroplant (link below).

Not only is Adapter free, but it’s available for both Mac and PC! How awesome is that? Plus it’s got this adorable mascot for its logo!

Adapter Audio Conversion Program Logo
how to upload an audio file to facebook or youtube adapter

So here’s how it works (it’s so easy!)

1. Open the Adapter app on your computer

adapter audio to video

2. Select the file you want to convert – for our example we are using an MP3 of a voicemail of Chinese phone spam that we received (to learn how to get your voicemail emailed to you as transcribed text along with an MP3 of the voicemail, check out our article about Phonetag).

chinese phone spam

3. Select the format in which you want Adapter to output the file; for posting audio to Facebook or YouTube this will always be some version of MP4, and we have found that the General > Custom MP4 default settings are all you need. This is, of course, because you don’t really need custom video settings when all you are doing is getting your audio into a video file to upload to Facebook or YouTube. (The one exception to this is the Audio custom setting section, which you might care about if you are uploading important music audio, for example.)

how to convert audio video facebook youtube

The “Custom” refers to all of these settings below – if you were actually doing a real video, you could tweak everything to your heart’s content.

Adapter Custom Settings
adapter custom settings

We assume that most people reading this just want to put up some audio they captured as quickly and easily as possible – baby’s first word, audio from a voicemail, something captured from the television, that sort of thing. But it’s good to know that if you do want to do something more complex, you can!

Once you have selected your file, and selected to convert it to MP4, just hit that Convert button, and voila!

how to upload audio to facebook youtube

audio file converted to video for facebook youtube

If you want to see this in action, you can check out where our Publisher, Anne Mitchell, posted this very file to her Facebook page, here.


You can download Adapter here.

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How to Convert an Audio File to Video to Post an Audio File to Facebook or YouTube in 1 Easy Step!

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2 thoughts on “How to Convert an Audio File to Video to Post an Audio File to Facebook or YouTube in 1 Easy Step!

  1. Every week or so I get one in what sounds like Chinese, but with no English at all, and I believe it’s a different voice than yours. Any clue as to what they’re selling? I can’t fathom the economics of mass cold-calling in a language that only a relatively small number of people in this country speaks

    1. They aren’t selling anything, they are scamming Chinese-speakers out of money by claiming to be either from the Chinese embassy holding a package for the target, or from a parcel delivery service, in both cases demanding money for release of a parcel.

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