How to Find Your Facebook Payment Settings to Remove a Payment Method from Facebook

How to Find Your Facebook Payment Settings to Remove a Payment Method from Facebook
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Need to change a payment method on Facebook, cancel a Facebook payment on Paypal, or just find your Facebook payment settings so that you can revoke and remove a credit card, debit card, or Paypal account? It is so frustrating when you are trying to remove a payment card, Paypal access, or other payment method from a service to which you had previously given it, only to be unable to find where and how to do it, even though they made it so very easy to give that payment information to them in the first place. Here’s how to find your payment methods on Facebook so that you can revoke and remove them.

The odds are good that you already tried finding it yourself through your settings (personal settings if the payment method you are looking to remove is one you gave up to Facebook when sending a friend a payment or contributing or donating to a fundraiser that a friend posted on Facebook; business settings if you are looking to remove a payment method that you set up to pay for placing ads on Facebook or some other business purpose).

But Facebook buries many of its setting options under a labyrinthian system of ever deepening links, and unless you know the specific sections that you need to go to you can end up feeling like you’re just going around in circles. In fact, to get to your payment settings you have to click on no fewer than three things called ‘Settings’ (one after the other), so one can be forgiven for being confused. So here is how to find both your personal payment method settings, and the settings for business payment methods, such as for Facebook advertising.

How to Find Facebook Payment Settings to Remove or Change a Payment Method on Facebook

1. Click on the Settings dropdown in the upper right-hand corner of any Facebook page.
2. Click on ‘Settings & Privacy’
3. Click on ‘Settings’
4. Click on ‘Account Settings’

At this point you will see the below menu on your left-hand side:

How to Find Your Facebook Payment Settings to Remove a Payment Method from Facebook

And you would be forgiven for not recognizing either of them as what you are looking for. “Ads Payments” is almost self-explanatory, and most people who use Facebook for business will recognize it as part of the Facebook business section. If you are wanting to remove a payment method so that Facebook stops charging you for placing ads on Facebook or other such business services, click on ‘Ads Payments’.

However it is the personal side that is so very confusing. Right about now you may be thinking something along the lines of “WTF, I never signed up for Facebook Pay, and what does it have to do with where my payment methods are stored??” Facebook describes Facebook Pay as “a seamless and secure way to make payments on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and in participating online stores. Enter your payment card or account information just once and then use Facebook Pay to make purchases, send money or donate.”

In other words, when you add a payment method to Facebook to send money to someone, to donate to someone’s fundraiser, etc., you are basically registering that payment method with Facebook as a Facebook Pay method, and so even though you didn’t know it, this is where Facebook now curates all of your personal payment transactions (donations, etc.) that you have made on or through Facebook, and all of your payment methods are being stored under the Facebook Pay banner.

So click on on ‘Facebook Pay’, and this will take you to the home that you never knew you had, the Facebook Pay Home.

Facebook Pay home

At the very top you will see your payment methods, and the option to remove them.

Facebook Pay payment methods

We believe that it should never be so confusing or difficult to find and remove your own payment information from any online platform; we hope that this article has helped to simplify it.

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