42 thoughts on “Connected to Hotel Wifi but Can’t Get Login Splash Screen? This May be the Problem

  1. I was still having trouble just typing on my PC. I was getting the splash screen, but couldn’t get it to connect.

    My solution was …
    look at the properties of the WiFi network and find the DNS number. In my case it was

    Then I opened Network and Internet settings.

    Under advance settings go to change adapter options.

    Then under the WiFi right click and go to Properties.

    Then go to Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4).
    Select Properties again.

    Lastly, click Use the following DNS server adddress, and Type in the DNS number you found in the beginning. In my case again

    Hope this helps someone.

  2. Nothing worked. I tried every damn thing. Nothing worked. I am so frustrated I want to take this $3,000 pos and throw it out a window.

  3. Just type in your internet browser and Hotel WiFi login page will be open.
    If you switch to a different WiFi out of hotel and come back later, you probably need to click on ‘Renew DHCP Lease’ button first, then type in your internet browser and Hotel WiFi login page will be open.

      1. That did the trick for me too!!! Wish I had scrolled down to the comments the last time I looked at this page since the original suggestion didn’t work for my iPhone either time.

    1. Thank You cannot express how much I appreciate your post. Solved the problem that has been haunting me for several years.

    2. This is by far the simplest and best approach if you are working on a restricted system that doesn’t let you access network modification screens.

  4. Huge pain and finally came across this article. Worked as described – though I did have to do a restart for it to kick in!

  5. Thank you so much! Followed the directions step by step and it worked for my mac. Greatly appreciated!!

  6. Doesn’t work. On my Mac, you cannot select the DNS IP addresses so you cannot delete any of them.

  7. Wonderful! After searching many different sites with complex (non) solutions, this was exactly the problem. I simply took your concept and changed it for windows and really solved the problem. Thank you!

    1. Thank you for letting us know! We’re so glad that you found the article helpful!

  8. You can also usually redirect to the router (landing page) by entering the IP of the router. %99 of the time it’s or Way easier/faster…

  9. Wow. This is amazing. I’ve literally scouted the internet for months now for a fix and this works. Real talk. THANK YOU!!!

  10. This seemed like a very good article but what if you already connected but want to get back to the splash screen to upgrade your connection? That’s my issue.

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