Location Based Reminders Now Available on iPhone for Anywhere

series location based reminder without being in contacts
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We’ve written before about how to set up location-based reminders in the iPhone, however until fairly recently it required you to have the address of the location at which you wanted to be reminded in your contacts. No more. Now you can tell Siri to remind you of something when you arrive anywhere, any time! Here’s how.

(Here is where we have written about location based reminders before.)

This is an incredibly useful feature that you can use to remind yourself of anything from picking up bread, to reminding you to make an important call when you arrive somewhere, or …well, the possibilities are endless!

First, you have to make sure that location services are enabled for your Reminder app (which comes native on the iPhone).

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To do this, go to your settings:

iphone settings icon


Then go to Privacy:

iphone privacy settings

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Select Location Services:

iphone location services


Now, if your Location Services is set to ‘off’, you will need to turn it on. Which you should do only after educating yourself well. ZDNet has a great article on iPhone location services security which you should check out.

Now, once in Location Services, scroll down until you see Reminders:

location based services reminders iphone


If, next to it, it says ‘While Using’, you’re golden. If it says ‘Never’, then switch it to ‘While Using’.

Ok, ready?

Now, tell Siri something like:

“Remind me to order a chai tea latte when I arrive at Starbucks in New York City” (Siri will then offer a list of those Starbucks, and ask you which one you want.)

siri location based reminders

siri location based services offering locations

series location based reminder without being in contacts


Pretty cool, eh?

Let us know what interesting and cool ways you’ve used this feature!

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One thought on “Location Based Reminders Now Available on iPhone for Anywhere

  1. My iPhone 6 Reminder app is not listed on the Location Services page, yet most other apps are.

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