Nigeria Hosts Conference to Deal with 419, Other Nigerian Scams

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Nigeria really seems to be doing all the right things to bring under some semblence of control the flood of financial scams which originate within its borders, including the infamous “419 spam scam”. Earlier this month the Nigerian courts sentenced a Nigerian 419 scamstress to 2 1/2 year in jail, and now their Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is announcing an international conference to deal with, well, Economic and Financial Crimes. In fact, it turns out that this is their fourth such conference (who knew?)

According to the agenda, the conference, to be held on August 6th through 9th, at their headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, will include presentations and discussions with not only many Nigerian authorities and legal professionals, but also Jonathan Rusch of the U.S. Department of Justice, and Ronald Noble, the Secretary General of Interpol.

According to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (“EFCC”) website “The EFCC will curb the menace of corruption that constitutes the cog in the wheel of progress; protect national and foreign investments in the country; imbue the spirit of hard work in the citizenry and discourage ill gotten wealth; identify illegally acquired wealth and confiscate it; build an upright workforce in both public and private sectors of the economy and; contribute to the global war against financial crimes.”

Sounds very ambitious. And optimistic. And, like a good plan.

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5 thoughts on “Nigeria Hosts Conference to Deal with 419, Other Nigerian Scams

  1. I have been getting about 4 to 5 419 scam emails aday. I suggest that we all do what I do. Click on the button that will give you a “Full Header”. Then look for the actual email return address (some are hidden). Find the email provider (example: yahoo, ymail, rocketmail, aol, comcast, gmail, googlemail, msn, hotmail, or live, etc). Then copy the “Full Header” and the whole email. Hit “Forward”, paste the whole thing to into the email, and send to:[email protected]).com;that is: [email protected], or [email protected], etc. You will get and auto email back that they are investigating and will shut them down if they are a scammer. I have also gotten emails back that tell me that they have taken action to shut down the email address for abuse. Its fun and I think is would be great if we all started shutting down their email addresses. I then mark every spam and phishing email that I get as spam which moves it to my spam folder and then delete it in my spam file.

  2. hello i will like to join is comminity so tha nigeria will be more better as we join hands together. just you fomet.

  3. hi

    this is the first time i came across your website. Well i would like to know who to contact with regards of catching these criminals.please email me since with the correct people to contact .

    thanks alot and keep upi the good work.


  4. I have received two email from lottery company. I win US250,000 and 250 pound sterling. I have to pay insurance for courier delivery almost 600 pound sterling. The sum will deliver to me after I make a payment. they show me their company licence and a copy of certificate for the prize. The other one, I have to contact the oceniabank plaza, abuja, nigeria and attache my document identifying to transfer the sum. I hope you can give a comment about that.

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