New IRS Scam Coming from 710-201-2246

irs phone scam
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There is a new scam featuring the phone number 202-599-9670. So far, the calls are coming from 710-201-2246.

The current scam is a robotic voice claiming that they are calling from the IRS, and that they are going to sue you. Interestingly, the same number (202-599-9670) has been featured in several other scams, all claiming to be from some money-related government office, most recently an office of grants, advising the caller that they are getting a refund on their taxes in the form of a grant. But whereas the previous scams were about giving you money, the current one is relying on intimidation.

Here is the message they leave:

We have been trying to reach you. This call is officially final notice from IRS Internal Revenue Services. The reason of this call is to inform you that IRS is filing a lawsuit against you. To get more information about this case file please call immediately on (our?) department number 202-599-9670. I repeat 202-599-9670. Thank you.

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On the Who Called Me site,, there are several entries from both this and last year, indicating that the 202-599-9670 number was associated with someone with a thick accent, saying that their name was ‘Danial’, and that they had U.S. government grant money to give the target.

It seems that trying to give money away may not be as winning a scam these days, and so they have switched to fear.

Regardless of which version you get, it’s a scam.

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One thought on “New IRS Scam Coming from 710-201-2246

  1. My reply to anyone who wants to send me money is:
    Send a cheque. (I’d have it verified first, of course!)
    To anyone who wants to sue: Go for it.
    (See, they have to file papers in an Ontario Court and Serve me. And then I get to show them to my Lawyer. You cannot sue without written notice via Her Majesty’s Mail, or personally served.)
    Anyone else….
    I love the Mirthcosoft scammers, as I act really stupid and boot up my Apple // off a floppy…..
    Speaking of viruses, the very first one was on an Apple // computer.

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