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Navigating the Cyber Seas: Unmasking and Dodging the Latest Email Phishing Scams Like a Seasoned Mariner!

Ahoy, digital sailors! Today, we’re embarking on a thrilling voyage to navigate the treacherous waters of the internet. Our mission? To help you, our dear readers, spot and avoid the latest phishing scams that are swimming around in your email inbox, just waiting to take a bite out of your…

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Is the Internet on Life Support? Unraveling the Dead Internet Theory for the Average Joe

You might be wondering what’s up with the title of this article. Well, grab a cup of coffee and let me introduce you to a mind-bending concept known as the Dead Internet Theory. It’s a bit like the plot of a sci-fi movie, except it’s unfolding right here on the World Wide Web. But don’t wory, I’ll break it down for you in a friendly, informal way, with a dash of humor to keep things light. So buckle up, and let’s dive into the intriguing world of the Dead Internet Theory.

Block a Domain That Keeps Emailing You with Yahoo's Block Domain Feature
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Block a Domain That Keeps Emailing You with Yahoo’s ‘Block Domain’ Feature

Did you know that Yahoo email lets you block entire email domains? What is a block when it comes to domains? It means that no email from that domain will be able to get through to you, period. Not to even your spam folder, let alone your inbox. Don’t want to hear from that politician who put you on their mailing list and from which you have tried to unsubscribe a dozen or more times? Block their domain! Sure that you unsubscribed from that company’s emails and yet they keep emailing you, and from different email addresses? Block their domain and never hear from them again! As Yahoo explains it, “Once you block a domain you will also be unsubscribed from the brand.”

Don't Open Any AudioFileWall V-Mail or ☎︎ Email Attachment: It's a Trap!
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Don’t Open Any AudioFileWall V-Mail or ☎︎ Email Attachment: It’s a Trap!

Hello, 2019 called and wants their AudioFileWall (Audio File Wall) V-Mail “it says you have a voice mail but really it’s malware” spam back. Because that spam, carrying that malware, is back. Or at least carrying similar malware. Although some versions are actually voicemail phishing scams, meaning there is a real voicemail, telling you to call a certain number, or log into a certain account. Either way, delete with extreme prejudice!

Here's How to Report Political Text Message Spam
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Here’s How to Report Political Text Message Spam!

Here’s how to report political spam text messages and get them where it hurts. Some will tell you that how to report text message spam from political campaigns is to simply report it to your mobile provider, but the real way, the way to have an impact, the way with teeth, is to report political spam text messages to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), and it’s easy with the FCC’s online form. You just need to know where it is and what to say.

spam email blocker
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How to Reduce Spam Email: Remove Your Personal Information from the Internet at Places Like Crunchbase, Zoominfo, &

The best spam email blocker is not getting spammed in the first place. Here’s how to prevent spam email (or at least reduce the amount of spam you are getting) by removing your personal information from the Internet. You may already know this, but here in the United States, where the privacy laws are so lax, it’s perfectly legal for a company to scrape all of your contact information and then sell access to it. ZoomInfo, Spokeo, Crunchbase,, and RocketReach all do this, as do many others. And removing your data from those databases can help to reduce the amount of spam email that you receive. We’re going to tell you how to remove yourself from these top 5 sites, and then we’re going to tell you about a service that will remove you from all the sites (more than 500 of them), if you want to go in that direction.

Got Spam from EMLSend or GumbaMail? Here's Who is Behind It
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Got Spam from EMLSend or GumbaMail? Here’s Who is Behind It

You may have recently received spam through an email service called EMLSend or GumbaMail being provisioned via, for example spam from ComplianceSR. And so now you are wondering who is behind the curtain. The answer is an ESP based in Spain called AcumbaMail. Despite being in the EU, where they are required to adhere to the requirements of GDPR, and to make sure that their email-sending clients also adhere to the requirements of GDPR, they very clearly are not doing this.

spam scam calls
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Scam calls 101

Highly targeted scam calls aren’t always obviously a scam. I don’t know about you, but I associate scam calls with thick accents, broken English, and other obvious identifiers, which aren’t always present.

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How to Have Your Email Address and Other Personal Data Removed from Square in 2021

It can be frustrating trying to figure out how to remove your email address from Square, especially if you never gave it to them in the first place, and you are trying to invoke a ‘right to be forgotten’.

Biometrics such as the retinal scan is one of the ulti-factor authentication methods
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Multi-factor Authentication and Why You Need It

As the threat of cyberattacks keeps on increasing, individuals and organizations need to take the necessary steps to protect their data. One of the tried and tested ways of deterring data breaches is using multi-factor authentication, commonly known as MFA. The primary reason MFA is hailed as an effective method…

You can easily set up or change Gmail signature
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Gmail’s Spam Problem and What You Can Do About It

Google’s Gmail has been hailed as one of the best free email services around the world. Gmail has great security features, including 2-step authentication that provides industry-standard protection against hackers. In addition, it has robust spam filters, which will send all your bad incoming mail to the spam folder.

how to report a gmail spammer to gmail
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How to Report Spam Coming from Gmail to Gmail and Google

Spammers love sending spam from Gmail. If you are getting spam from a Gmail account, here’s how to report that spam to Gmail and Google.

Email: The subject line is most important part of your email
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Why the Subject Line is the Most Important Part of Your Email

The sheer number of emails sent and received nowadays means that inboxes are constantly filling up with little time to read all the mail. With so much activity in our inboxes, the only way to get your email read and acted upon is by making sure it stands out. Your…

Did Spam Filters Impact the Candidates' Messaging and the Election?
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Did Spam Filters Impact the Candidates’ Messaging and Maybe Even the Election?

Do spam filters impact the messaging of presidential candidates, and thus possibly impact the election? Here’s what you need to know about a recent study suggesting that this could be the case.

Robo Revenge App: Can You Really Make Money by Threatening Robocallers? All Signs Point to Yes
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Robo Revenge App: Can You Really Make Money by Threatening Robocallers? All Signs Point to Yes

Where can you find the Robo Revenge robocall reporting app? And should you? Here’s the lowdown, and also how to report robocallers for fun and profit.