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How to Unsubscribe from All GoFundMe Emails

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you want to know how to unsubscribe from all GoFundMe emails. Here’s how.

Shipping Notification: Delivery Confirmation
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Warning: Beware Fake DHL Email Notice

The Internet Patrol was recently tipped off to a fake DHL notice that is making the rounds. The fake DHL notification is relatively easy to detect IF you do not have the use of ‘friendly name’ enabled, and instead see the actual ‘from’ email address, which is, or some version thereof. (The .tk domain is Tokelau, a territory of New Zealand.)

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How Displaying Sender’s Contact Image and Info in Email Allows Scammers to Steal from You

Every webmail service out there, be it Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other, encourages you to upload or merge your contacts with their system. And most Mac and PC email programs automatically cross-reference an incoming email sender with their entry in your contacts. The result is often that their contact profile picture, and ‘friendly’ name, is displayed as the sender of that email in your inbox.

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New “NOTIFICATION – Storage Full” Phishing Spam – Don’t Be Fooled!

If you’ve received an email with the subject “NOTIFICATION – Storage Full” (it may also have your email address in the subject), or an email which comes from, apparently,, don’t open it! It’s a phishing scam trying to scam you out of your personal information!

gmail spam
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How to Make Gmail Automatically Send Something to the Gmail Spam Folder

We’ve been saying for ages that the Gmail spam filters are excellent. However there has never been a (easily found) way to have Gmail automatically mark something as spam and send it to the Gmail spam folder, by which we mean something that you have defined as spam, even though the Gmail spam filters may not have. But we’ve figured it out, so here is how to have Gmail automatically tag as spam something you define as spam, and send it to the spam folder.

stop evite event notifications
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How to Stop Evite Email Spam (or as They Refer to Them Evite Notifications)

If you have ever been on the receiving end of an Evite invitation, you know that once your ‘friend’ gives your email address to Evite (almost always without asking you first) you will receive an endless stream of spam (it’s spam because you did not request it, let along give them permission to put your email address on their mailing list) from Evite, seemingly with no way to opt out of it (making it a violation of Federal law, but apparently Evite doesn’t care about that). Here is out to opt out of Evite notifications and other Evite spam.

can-spam comments
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Hate Being Added to Email Mailing Lists without Your Permission? Now is Your Chance to Let the FTC Know!

With little fanfare, this month the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) opened up a request for comments regarding our Federal anti-spam law, known as CAN-SPAM. For those who are not aware, the U.S. is the only first-world country that has not outlawed the practice of adding someone to a mailing list without first obtaining their express permission.

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Do NOT Open Link in Unexpected Email with Google Docs Link Button!

There is an evil new phishing spam going around that is using Google Docs to do its dirty work. The subject is along the lines of “(Someone) has shared a document on Google Docs with you” – in many of the samples it is ‘Brett Schager has shared a document on Google Docs with you.” Many of the samples are also sent “to” (you receive it because you are in the bcc: field).

get rid of spam
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How to Deal with and Report Spam or a Spammer

We love reporting spammers. It’s such a satisfying feeing to report a spamer, especially when you get a response back saying that the spammer has been nuked. But many people don’t know how to report spam email. So we thought that we would share the love with you, and tell you how to report a spammer.

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Got a Paypal Message from DON’T CLICK ON IT!

If you received a text message or email telling you that “Account might be blocked for your security!” DON’T click on any link or respond to it! The spam message comes from, which should be a tip-off, but in case you’re not sure, it’s a scam!

thomaskeller malware scam email
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Do NOT Open Email Links from

A new malware scam is hitting email inboxes. The email sample that we have comes from an email address at (ours is specifically from, and claims to have received an invoice from your company. They even include your company name in the email, making it seem more legit. But it isn’t.

cell phone sms text message spam
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How to Stop SMS Text Spam and How to Report SMS Txt Msg Spam

If you’re being plagued by cell text message spam (cell txt msg spam) like this one we received from 702-541-4047 – “Do you have $20,000+ in CREDIT CARD DEBT? Our national program REDUCES it by HALF! Reply “DEBT” to see if you qualify! (,reply:out)” – you’re not alone. (What is SMS? Short Message Service SMS service is a way to send short text messages directly to a cell phone). The problem is that those unwanted SMS messages that you see as cell phone spam, the sender sees as an SMS campaign. Those rude SMS text messages – often anonymous SMS text messages – are bulk SMS messages sent by the SMS sender as a text message advertising campaign (often facilitated by free SMS text message services). Sending SMS text messaging spam is illegal in most states, but figuring out how to go about reporting spam received on your cell phone can be tough. Here’s how to submit your spam that you receive via SMS message to the right authorities, as well as how to stop it. (Bonus: The elusive Verizon customer service phone number!)

opt out of linkedin marketing inmail
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How to Opt Out of LinkedIn Sponsored InMail

Wondering how to opt-out of LinkedIn Sponsored Inmail (which we here refer to as LinkedIn spam)? When you get unwanted LinkedIn InMail email from an individual, you can hit “report as spam” on it. But when you get a sponsored message, you don’t have that option (because, of course, LinkedIn has sold that access to your LinkedIn inbox to whomever sent you that message).

amazon prime gift acct scam
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Newest Amazon Order Scam Spam

Confused by a confirmation of a new Amazon “Prime Acct Gift” order that landed in your inbox today, when you know that you haven’t placed any such order? You’re not alone. The order with the subject ‘New-order #20953735 – confirmed’ (although the order number on yours may be different) from (although your ‘from’ address may be different) is 100% a scam.

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LinkedIn Sending Promotional Messages to Your Inbox – Here’s How to Opt Out in 2016

LinkedIn has ramped up their promotional message program – also known as sponsored messages (or as some call it, LinkedIn spam). Promotional messages, explains LinkedIn, are “from a marketing or hiring partner and was sent to you based on your browsing activity or non-personal information such as job title, primary industry, or region.” Here’s how to make it stop.