New Facebook “Year in Review” Explained

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Facebook has just launched their “Year in Review” pages, which is actually a link that creates a “your year in review” page for any given Facebook user.

Facebook year in review page

We say “launched”, but this isn’t the first time that Facebook has offered the Year in Review. It first appeared last year, in 2012.

While Facebook isn’t revealing the algorithm which they use to decide what qualifies as notable for your own Year in Review, it appears to be a combination of “most liked”, “most commented on”, “most shared”, and other factors.

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Says Facebook, “Your year in review is a collection of your biggest moments on Facebook from this year, including life events, popular posts you’ve shared and posts your friends have tagged you in.”

What we find most interesting is that you can actually see any Facebook user’s year in review.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook year in review-1

To see the Facebook Year in Review for any user, simply type this URL:

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with the username appended to the end. So to see Mark Zuckerberg’s Year in Review, you would go here:


But perhaps our favourite feature of the Facebook Year in Review is that you can see a collage of the “biggest moments” (as determined by Facebook) of all of your Facebook friends’, in the Friends Year in Review.

facebook friends year in review

To see that, just go here:


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