Here’s How to Share a Post from Instagram to a Facebook Group or Page

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If you use Instagram, and have a Facebook page or a Facebook group, at some point you may have wondered how to share something that you’ve posted on Instagram with your Facebook page or Facebook group (or both). It’s very easy to share something that you post on Instagram with your personal Facebook timeline, but a Facebook group or page, not so much. Perhaps at some point, given that Facebook now owns Instagram, Facebook will add the ability to post from Instagram to a Facebook page or group, but for now this automated workaround works really well.

This workaround uses a service called (get it? Say it outloud: ‘deliver it’), and that’s exactly what does. It takes content from one of your feeds (in this case your Instagram feed) and delivers it to another location (in this case your Facebook page or group). will actually take just about any feed – from your company site, your blog, or your Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account – and deliver it to any number of types of social media accounts, including Twitter, G+, and, yes, Facebook.

So, specifically, here’s how to use to share whatever you post to Instagram to your Facebook page or group.

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How to Share a Post from Instagram to a Facebook Page or Facebook Group

First, of course, you will need to sign up for a account, which you can do here. You can sign up for a free account, which allows you up to five source feeds, and three social accounts to which they will be posted.

Once you sign up for, it’s just a matter of designating your Instagram feed – which happily is the same as your Instagram account – so instagram[dot]com/your-user-name – as the source feed, and then connecting it to your Facebook page or group.

Here’s what this looks like in the interface. This example is from another of the ISIPP Publishing properties – Vegan Instant Pot Recipes. The Vegan Instant Pot Recipes Facebook group is a vibrant Facebook group with nearly 7000 members. When the Vegan Instant Pot Recipes Instagram account came online, it was only natural to want to share those pictures with the Facebook group members. And makes that a snap!

Vegan Instant Pot Recipes Instagram Feed Set Up in
how to auto post instagram facebook group page

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VIPR Instagram Picture Delivered (dlvred) to VPIR Facebook Group
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And that’s all there is to it!

This is extremely easy to set up, and once it’s set up you can basically just forget about it. Every time you post to your Instagram account, the picture will also be automatically shared on your Facebook page or in your Facebook group!

Happy InstagramFacebooking!

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  1. This says nothing about a business instagram post, which this site will not do without an upgrade.

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