How to Turn Off or Disable Location Tagging and Tracking on Facebook

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Recently we discovered that somehow Facebook had started including our location in posts, even though we were sure we had location tagging turned off. So we started searching for how to disable location tracking on Facebook. And guess what. At the time of this writing, there is no way on Facebook to set Location by default to “off”. That’s because you have to turn it off on your computer or smartphone, not on Facebook.

Now, before we go any further, you can remove the Location tag from an individual post on Facebook, through Facebook. You do that on the per-post level by clicking on the removal X next to the location:

how to turn off location on Facebook

But what we are talking about is turning of the Location function, by default, for all posts on Facebook, so that you don’t have to do that.

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Here is how to do that on a Mac, and an iPhone – if you have a Windows computer or Android or Windows phone, the steps should be similar, although of course not identical.

How to Stop Facebook from Revealing Your Location When You Post from Your Mac

Go to System Preferences:

mac system preferences


Click on Security & Privacy:

mac system preferences security privacy


Under Privacy, uncheck location services:

mac location services


You may find that there are several apps listed under “Enable Location Services – Allow the apps below to determine your location.” and if so, if you prefer, you can just uncheck the ones (such as your browser, on which you use Facebook) that you don’t want using your location. But frankly, with the possible exception of Find My Mac, we can’t think of a single app for which we actually would want our location to be shared – or, at least, for all of them we think the downside to sharing location far outweight the upside. We’re not going to tell you what to do, but we keep our location disabled.

How to Stop Facebook from Revealing Your Location When You Post from Your iPhone

Go to Settings on your iPhone:

iphone settings icon


And go to your Privacy settings:

privacy settings iphone


Now go to Location Services:

location services iphone


Scroll down until you find the toggle for Facebook:

turn off location facebook iphone


And make sure that the setting for Facebook is toggled off, as it is in the picture.


These instructions for how to disable Location on Facebook should do the trick, at least until the next time they figure a way around it.

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How to Turn Off or Disable Location Tagging and Tracking on Facebook
Article Name
How to Turn Off or Disable Location Tagging and Tracking on Facebook
Here is how to disable or turn off 'Location' tagging and tracking as it is used on Facebook.

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