How to Cancel a Bumble Boost (Premium) Account

how to cancel bumble boost premium
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Isn’t it something how apps like Bumble make it so easy to upgrade to premium features through the app, but when it comes to cancelling that feature, it’s almost impossible to figure out how to cancel that premium account? Part of this is because many such upgrades are now processed as iTune or Google Play subscriptions and so you can’t cancel them through the app itself, but the apps also don’t fall all over themselves to explain that you have to cancel through iTunes or Google Play, let alone how to do it. So here is how to cancel Bumble Boost, which yes, you have to do through iTunes or Google Play (depending on whether you are using the app on an iPhone or Android phone or tablet).

How to Cancel Bumble Boost Premium from an iPhone or iPad

First, go to the Settings area on your device (no wonder it’s so hard to figure out! Going to ‘Settings’ rather than the app itself, or the iTunes or App store is hardly intuitive!)

iphone settings icon

Go to the iTunes & App Store settings.

itunes app store settings

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Click on your Apple ID.

apple id in itunes app store


Click on ‘View Apple ID’, and if necessary sign in.

view apple id

sign in to view apple id


Once in the Apple ID section, scroll down until you see ‘Subscriptions’.

apple id screen iphone

apple id subscriptions


Find your Bumble Boost subscription and click on it.

how to cancel bumble premium boost


Scroll down past the first screen to find the ‘Cancel Subscription” option.

how to cancel bumble boost premium subscription

cancel app subscription


Click on ‘Cancel Subscription’ and confirm.

confirm cancellation of bumble boost


How to Cancel Bumble Boost on an Android Phone or Tablet

We don’t have access to an Android device right now, so we can’t include pretty pictures, but here’s how to cancel the premium Bumble Boost on an Android device.

1: Open the Google Play store from your device

2: Go to ‘Account’ from the Play store menu

3: Click on ‘Subscriptions’ and you will see your app subscriptions.

4: Click on your Bumble subscription

5: Click ‘Cancel’


If you have subscribed to Bumble Boost using your credit card from your Android device:

1: Go to ‘Settings’ on your device

2: Click ‘Boost Subscription’

3: Click ‘Cancel’

It’s kind of crazy how complicated it is to cancel these services, isn’t it? So you aren’t to blame if you couldn’t figure this out on your own, and we hope that this article has helped!

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20 thoughts on “How to Cancel a Bumble Boost (Premium) Account

  1. You *have* to do it through iTunes settings. That is the *only* place you will find the cancel button.

    1. I went into iTunes setting under subscriptions, Bumble. It gives the date my subscription expires, but there is no cancel button. It sounds like it will auto renew unless I cancel. Is that true?

      1. Unfortunately we no longer have access to Bumble; however we do know that folks have had to do it on their computer, not on their phone (in case that is what they were doing). Also this is only for canceling the paid version, not the free version.

  2. Same issue as all of the above ~ but I don’t see your response. How do I cancel Bumble Boost if I don’t see a cancel button?

  3. What if Cancel Subscription is not showing up? Does this mean I’ve already cancelled?

  4. thank you so much, I couldn’t figure this out and they keep taking my money. urgh
    you are awesome

  5. There is no option to cancel my subscription on the bumble subscription page on my iPhone
    Just to renew it
    Need to cancel before 5th September
    Any ideas ?

  6. A copy of a receipt for Bumbleboost came up in our word. We did not subscribe and the receipt gave a visa number that is not our number. We do not want nor did we subscribe.

  7. There is no boost subscriptions under settings and immuaimg an android and paid by card. Any other suggestions?

  8. @ Michelle! My daughter is experiencing the same problem. Her account is being debited at will. Thank you. This is dire

  9. Also experiencing same issue as above. Nothing can be found through play store or settings ?

  10. It is showing there are no subscriptions on my google account. I currently pay for Match and Bumble and I would like to delete them both. They should be there, right? Please help me!

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