How to Cancel or Close a Payloadz Account

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If you have ever used the Payloadz service, you may be wondering how to cancel your Payloadz account. In fact, Payloadz doesn’t explain anywhere on the site how to cancel their service, and contacting them may not even help. They just keep billing you every month through Paypal. And that, in fact, is the key. So here’s how to cancel the Payloadz service (and also how to cancel any Paypal recurring subscription payment).

Payloadz is a service that allows you to sell digital goods – i.e. things that your customers will download. It is incredibly easy to set up but, again, not so easy to figure out how to cancel.

As we said, the key is that you pay for the Payloadz service through Paypal, via the Paypal recurring subscription feature – so, you have to cancel it through Paypal.


To do this, find one of the notices of payment to Payloadz that you received from Paypal, and make a note of the Transaction ID.

how to cancel paypal subscription payloadz transaction id

Now, log in to your Paypal account.

Once logged in, click on ‘Activity’.

paypal activity

Find the search bar in the upper right-hand corner, and select ‘Transactions’ from the drop-down menu (because you want to search by Transaction ID). (In our browser it is abbreviated in the drop-down menu to “Transacti…”.)

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how to cancel paypal recurring payment payloadz

Paste your Transaction ID number from your Paypal notice into the search box, and search for it.

search paypal by transaction id


how to cancel paypal subscription transaction id number

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How to Cancel or Close a Payloadz Account


how to cancel payloadz account

This will find your Payloadz subscription payment for you. Now click on that Payloadz listing.

how to cancel payloadz paypal recurring payment subscription

This will take you to the details page for that transaction. Now, look about a third of the way down that page, and find the link that says “View Billing Agreement Details”.

how to cancel payloadz paypal subscription billing agreement details

Click on that link, and that will take you to the actual underlying billing agreement. Find the link that says “Cancel”, and click on it.

cancel paypal recurring payments subscription

When you get the confirmation pop-up, click ‘Yes’.

confirm paypal subscription cancellation

Now look at the Billing Agreement page – it should now say that the status is cancelled (you may need to reload the page to confirm that).

confirm cancellation of paypal subscription billing agreement

That’s it, you’re done.

Now wouldn’t it be nice if Payloadz had this information on their page?

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How to Cancel or Close a Payloadz Account

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  1. Hi. I signed up from PayLoadz and then I realized that I have to play them. I saw on how to cancel them… I put them “inactive” via paypal. but my account is still pending. But how should I contact PayLoadz to cancel the payment and close my account. Please HELP!

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