Full Text of Donald Trump’s 14-Page Letter in Response to Jan 6 Committee Subpoena

Full Text of Donald Trump's 14-Page Letter in Response to Jan 6 Committee Subpoena
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Here is the entire full text of former president Donald Trump’s letter to the Jan 6 committee, in response to the subpoena issued by the January 6 Committee, issued on October 13th. This letter is 14 pages long, and we reprint it in full here, with no alterations, and also make it available as a PDF for download.

Full Text of Donald Trump’s 14-Page Letter in Response to Jan 6 Committee Subpoena

October 13, 2022
The Honorable Bennie G. Thompson
The Select Committee
 to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol
Longworth House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515

Dear Chairman Thompson,


The same group of Radical Left Democrats who utilized their Majority position in
Congress to create the fiction of Russia, Russia, Russia, Impeachment Hoax #1,
Impeachment Hoax #2, the $48 Million Mueller Report (which ended in No
Collusion!), Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, the atrocious and illegal Spying on my
Campaign, and so much more, are the people who created this Committee of
highly partisan political Hacks and Thugs whose sole function is to destroy the
lives of many hard-working American Patriots, whose records in life have been
unblemished until this point of attempted ruination. The double standard of the
Unselects between what has taken place on the “RIGHT,” and what has taken
place with Radical Left, lawless groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and
others, is startling and will never be acceptable, even to those who will be writing
the history of what you have done to America.

This memo is being written to express our anger, disappointment, and complaint
that with all of the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on what many consider to
be a Charade and Witch Hunt, and despite strong and powerful requests, you have
not spent even a short moment on examining the massive Election Fraud that took
place during the 2020 Presidential Election, and have targeted only those who
were, as concerned American Citizens, protesting the Fraud itself. Those who
committed the Fraud, thereby having created the Crime of the Century, go
unblemished and untouched, but those who fought the Crime have suffered a fate
that was unthinkable just a short time ago. We have a two-tier system of Justice in
the United States that cannot be allowed to continue. A Majority of people in our
Country say that the Presidential Election of 2020 was determinatively dishonest,
including the fact that many Legislatures were overridden by local and State
politicians and judges on vital regulations and requirements, which is totally illegal
and UNCONSTITUTIONAL. In February 2021, Time Magazine broke the story
of the shadow campaign that was launched to rig the 2020 Presidential Election.
The authors write:

“‘To the President, something felt amiss. ‘It was all very, very strange,’
Trump said on Dec. 2. ‘Within days after the election, we witnessed an
orchestrated effort to anoint the winner, even while many key states were
still being counted.’ In a way, Trump was right. There was a conspiracy
unfolding behind the scenes…”

You did not ask one question about any of this. Since 1888, no incumbent
President has gained votes and lost reelection. I received many millions more
votes in 2020 than I did in 2016, unheard of in our political History. When you
win Ohio, Florida, and Iowa, which I did in a landslide, no President has lost the
General Election since 1960. We swept all four bellwether States (Iowa, Florida,
Ohio, and North Carolina) that have correctly predicted Election winners since
1896. I won 18 of the 19 bellwether counties, my coattails secured the Victories of
27 out of 27 “toss up” House races, and the Democrats did not flip a single State
Legislature. Yet somehow Biden beat Obama with the Black population in select
Swing State cities, but nowhere else. It is all not possible, or very likely, but
should have been a major subject of your Committee’s work because it was the
Election result that brought this record-breaking crowd to Washington, D.C. on
January 6th.

A large percentage of American Citizens, including almost the entire Republican
Party, feel that the Election was Rigged and Stolen (because they have seen the
determinative evidence, some of which is attached to this letter). No work was 
done by the Committee on Election Fraud. We, and a huge portion
of the American people, simply asked that it be a part of your Committee’s work.

It wasn’t.

In addition, the Unselect Committee has willfully ignored the fact that days before
January 6, 2021, I recommended and authorized thousands of troops to be 
deployed to ensure that there was peace, safety, and security at the Capitol and
throughout Washington, D.C. on January 6th because I knew, just based on instinct
and what I was hearing, that the crowd coming to listen to my speech, and various
others, would be a very big one, far bigger than anyone thought possible. As it
turns out, it was indeed one of the largest crowds I have ever spoken before, a very
wide swath stretching all the way back to the Washington Monument. The
massive size of this crowd, and its meaning, has never been a subject of your
Committee, nor has it been discussed by the Fake News Media that absolutely
refuses to acknowledge, in any way, shape or form, the magnitude of what was
taking place. In fact, for such a historic event, there are very few pictures that
accurately show the event, or how many people were really there. Incredibly, it
seems that pictures showing the size of the event were perhaps cancelled,
scrubbed, deleted or, in any event, not available, but we still have some—as

The Department of Defense timeline shows that National Guard troops could have
easily been present at the Capitol before January 6th and that I fully authorized this
recommendation and request. Following my authorization, the Department of
Defense was surprised to receive a wholesale refusal, in writing, from D.C. Mayor
Muriel Bowser and the Capitol Police, who do not report to me, but report to
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The law requires their authorization before
any troop deployment could be utilized in Washington, D.C.

Why the failure to act or use this ready force? Had even a small percentage of
National Guard or fencing been there, there would have been no problem, January
6th would have been just another date. I did my job long ahead of schedule. Some
people call it good instinct, but the troops were ready to go. Nancy Pelosi and
Muriel Bowser didn’t do their job, they didn’t like the look of soldiers, and sadly
your Committee refuses to say anything about it, because if they did, it would be
clear that I did everything correctly, and that is not what the Committee wants to
see. You stated openly that Nancy Pelosi is off limits, there will be no discussions
on this subject, yet she and the Mayor were responsible for this very bad decision
not to bring in the troops. The troops were ready to go, and you refuse to even
discuss this subject. Why?

Despite very poor television ratings, the Unselect Committee has perpetuated a
Show Trial the likes of which this Country has never seen before. There is no Due
Process, no Cross-Examination, no “real” Republican members, and no legitimacy
since you do not talk about Election Fraud or not calling up the troops. It is a
Witch Hunt of the highest level, a continuation of what has been going on for 
years. You have not gone after the people that created the Fraud, but rather great
American Patriots who questioned it, as is their Constitutional right. These people
have had their lives ruined as your Committee sits back and basks in the glow.
The people of this Country will not stand for unequal justice under the law, or
Liberty and Justice for some. Election Day is coming. We demand answers on the
Crime of the Century.

Donald J. Trump
45th President of the United States

CC: Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren
Congressman Adam Schiff
Congressman Pete Aguilar
Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy
Congressman Jamie Raskin
Congresswoman Elaine Luria
Congresswoman Liz Cheney
Congressman Adam Kinzinger


• Maricopa County accepted at least 20,000 mail-in ballots after Election
Day 2020, including 18,000 on November 4, 2020, picked up from the
U.S. Postal Service—more than the entire Election margin of 10,457
• A study of early ballot envelope signatures identified 229,430
mismatched signatures in Maricopa County. Officials only reported
25,000 mismatches, or 1.3%.
• The Arizona Forensic Audit of Maricopa County identified numerous
anomalies, fraud, and Election law violations that are determinative,
including 17,322 duplicate absentee ballot envelopes, which surged
after the Election. Between November 4th and November 9th, scores
of mail-in ballot duplicates emerged. 96% of the ballots that came in on
two of these days were duplicates.
• Auditors discovered evidence that millions of files of General Election
data and security logs were deleted, with purges taking place on critical
days, including the day before the audit began on February 2, 2021.
• The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors admitted they purged the
system and moved Election data after they received a subpoena.
• Another analysis by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai in Pima County found
significant anomalies with mail-in ballots. In precincts with anomalous
high turnout (over 92%), mail-in ballots started flipping from 6%
Republican for Biden to 40% of Republicans voting for Biden, which is
highly suspect.
• Two precincts in Pima had over 100 percent turnout for mail-in
ballots— which is impossible—and 40 precincts had over 97%
• The audit discovered numerous State Election laws were broken in the
2020 Presidential Election, including A.R.S. 16-547, A.R.S. 16-548,
A.R.S. 16-550, A.R.S. 16-551, A.R.S. 16-552, A.R.S. 16-621, A.R.S.
16 Articles 1, 1.1, and 2.

• 2,500 duplicated ballots created from a damaged ballot had no serial
numbers, a violation of A.R.S. 16-621.
• 1,919 mail-in ballot envelopes were missing signatures, a violation of
A.R.S. 16-547.
• Maricopa County reported 1,455 “no signatures” on mail-in ballot
• To this day, Maricopa County has never provided chain of custody
documents for all Election equipment and ballots, in violation of A.R.S.
16-621 E.
• At least 740,000 ballots violated chain of custody requirements in
Maricopa County.

• 43,907 ballots from Facebook-funded drop boxes were counted in
DeKalb County that violated the chain of custody rules. Remember,
Georgia was decided by 11,779 votes.
• Poll workers were caught scanning ballots multiple times on camera in
Fulton County. Ballot images confirmed at least 3,390 duplicate votes
were counted for Joe Biden.
• At least 10,300 illegally cast votes in Georgia (and up to 35,000) are
from individuals who voted in the wrong county, more than necessary
to “tip the 2020 results.”
• Brad Raffensperger’s own investigator in Fulton County reported
ballots were “unaccounted for.” He witnessed at least 2,800 ballots that
“came in mail carts instead of black ballot bins,” violating chain of
custody, and reported 1,200 ballots that were “cured” and “wheeled in
through the back door” days after Election Day, when President
Trump’s massive lead “shrunk as more votes continue to be tallied in
Fulton County.”
• The investigator also found “identical vote tallies repeated multiple
times” that “likely resulted in about 1,000 extra votes being tallied” for
Joe Biden.
• A week after this private memo was sent to him, Brad Raffensperger
falsely claimed publicly the Election results were “trustworthy” and
“sound,” when he knew they were not.
• Raffensperger was told of numerous irregularities on a video
conference call with Republicans after the 2020 Election, that put “the
outcome of the Election into doubt.” including an admission from an
Elections Board Member in Gwinnett County that, “We have way more
ballots than we have envelopes. I don’t think it was done right.”
• Hundreds of voters were taken away from “Trump” after Election
workers altered ballots that were rejected by voting machines.
“Trump” votes were thrown out, while spoiled ballots were unlawfully
counted for Joe Biden.

• During the hand recount, tally sheets were falsified showing unanimous
vote counts for Joe Biden, including 100-0 and 200-0 fraudulent

• Officials in Detroit illegally blocked Republican poll challengers’
access, covered the windows, called the police, and denied lawful
challenges in order to count ballots in secret.
• Affidavits and video evidence show thousands of ballots being
delivered through a back door of the then-named TCF Center at 3:30
a.m. on Election night. The RINOs in the State Senate confirmed this
also in their report analyzing the 2020 Election, and said a “large
volume” of ballots were delivered to the TCF Center with no chain of
custody. Those ballots came from drop boxes.
• Matt DePerno found voting machines were subverted and accessed
remotely. In Antrim County, 7,048 votes were changed in favor of Joe

• In Pennsylvania, as of February 2021, there were 121,240 more votes
than voters. By law, Pennsylvania cannot certify an Election with this
type of discrepancy.
• A lawsuit filed in Delaware County revealed video evidence of
Election officials discussing destroying Election evidence from
November 2020. “It’s a felony,” one official says after talking about
the need to “get rid” of voting “pads and second scanners.” Videos and
sources involved in the litigation say the Delaware County officials
“violated numerous Election laws and needed to hide evidence,” and
that the destruction of records was “done to ensure records eventually
provided actually matched the Election results that were reported in
Nov. 2020.”
• Attorney General Bill Barr ordered U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain to
stand down and not investigate Election irregularities, even after
McSwain reported that his office “received various allegations of voter
fraud and election irregularities.”

• In Wisconsin, nearly 200,000 voters identified as “indefinitely
confined,” even though that was often not the case. They were simply
using COVID as a means to skirt Voter ID laws for mail-in ballots.
These ballots should have been thrown out. After the 2020 Presidential
Election, a judge ruled the Democrat Governor did not have legal
authority “to exempt all voters to get an absentee ballot without an ID.”
• 44,272 people, according to the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau,
voted in November 2020, without ever showing Voter ID, which is
more than twice the vote margin in the State.
• The Wisconsin Election Commission ordered nursing homes to violate
Election laws, leading to widespread voter fraud and 95 to 100%
turnout in nursing homes—an impossibility!
• In a powerful ruling by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, drop boxes that
were used in the 2020 Election were found to be illegal. In a
concurring opinion, justices stated, “If elections are conducted outside
of the law, the people have not conferred their consent on the
government. Such elections are unlawful and their results are

We have only covered five Swing States, this does not pertain to the rest of
the Country. For example, what is being done about the “cash for votes”
scheme in Nevada, where 15 out of 17 counties had more votes than voters?
Is the Committee going to report on the million dollars the FBI wanted to pay
Christopher Steele as an incentive to prove the dossier allegations and “Get
Trump,” or is it going to get to the bottom of the fact that my Campaign was
blatantly spied on by the Democrats, even while I was in the Oval Office, in
what for anyone else would be one of the biggest scandals in political

It was also recently reported that the FBI interfered in the 2020 Presidential
Election by telling Facebook and the Media not to reveal anything about 
Hunter Biden’s laptop. The FBI said it was “Russian disinformation,” but
knew that it wasn’t. It was a well-guarded secret that only one newspaper
had the courage to report. Eight in 10 Americans believe this unprecedented
collusion impacted the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election.

In addition, True the Vote, the Nation’s leading voters’ rights organization,
collected over 4 million minutes of ballot drop box video, showing ballot
stuffing at a level not seen before. This is also supported by highly accurate
cell phone data that tracked the same individuals going to as many as 28
different locations in one day to do this. All in all, millions of ballots were
stuffed. Based on their research, True the Vote estimates as many as 7% of
all mail-in ballots cast could have been ineligible—approximately 4.8 million
votes, an Election-changing number many times over.

Also, why haven’t you spoken with the USPS Inspector General, and the U.S.
Election Assistance Commission, about the 1.1 million mail-in ballots that
they admit were deemed undeliverable, 560,814 rejected, and 14.7 million
still “unable to be tracked” (as the Public Interest Legal Foundation
uncovered)? Where are they?

To this day, new evidence is emerging as Patriots around the Country are
uncovering systemic problems within their voter rolls. Furthermore,
Republican counties across the nation, from Texas to Michigan, Arizona to
Wisconsin and more, have voted to decertify and reject the 2020 Election.
The most recent Rasmussen Poll on the issue found a staggering 55% think
cheating likely affected the outcome, including 53% of Independents and
35% of Democrats, revealing this issue is not going away.

There are many other facts and discrepancies that we are not presenting at
this time due to time constraints, but that are also Election determinative. At
your request, I will present these additional numbers to you, but everything
already presented would change the final Election result many times over.
Trump letter to Jan 6 committee

Full Text of Donald Trump's 14-Page Letter in Response to Jan 6 Committee Subpoena

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