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Free Christmas music is always nice. And free online Christmas music is just what you need to get yourself into that holiday spirit – or at least to make work go by more quickly! So if you’ve been asking yourself “where can I listen to Christmas music on the Internet?”, here is a list of some great places offering streaming Christmas music so that you can listen to Christmas music online! Just jingle while you work!

And if you’ve found yourself sitting at your computer and feeling like the Grinch, thinking “Ho bloody ho, I sure don’t feel Christmasy”, then you need a quick shot of online Christmas music! Just tune your computer in to any one of dozens of online radio stations which are broadcasting streaming Christmas music for free!

There are hundreds of online radio stations out there, most of them free, and many of them playing Christmas music right now. You can find anything from traditional Christmas music to acid rock Christmas music to anything in between. All you need is some sort of audio media listening program, such as iTunes, Windows Media Player, or RealPlayer, all of which are free.

Some of my own favourite Christmas online radio stations are:

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You can find a comprehensive list of online Christmas music at

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4 thoughts on “Free Online Christmas Music on the Internet with Online Radio Stations Playing Christmas Music

  1. I posted on my blog about Christmas Music you’ve probably not heard before – and each song I talk about includes a video, so you can listen for free! :)

    I’d love it if you’d check out the tunes here –



  2. The Next Holiday Classic is a free internet song contest that is not about songs that are “cutting edge” but rather songs that may stand the “test of time.” You are invited to submit holiday song entries and compete for a Grand Prize award of $1500 as well as the opportunity to be presented to major label recording artists for inclusion on their 2008 holiday projects.

    Each week beginning November 25, 2007 online voters will determine which songs will advance to the finals, to be held the week of December 16, 2007. The Next Holiday Classic winners will then be announced December 24, 2007. Deadline for song entries is November 24, 2007.

  3. Personally, I can’t stand traditional Christmas music (even when it’s covered by a band that specializes in some non-traditional genre)…but SomaFM’s annual holiday stream can be fun. Note: it may not be appropriate for some listeners.

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