5 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who are Far Away or that Person Who Has Everything

5 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Those Who are Far Away or that Person Who Has Everything


Not sure what to give that person who lives far away, or who is deployed, or that person who has everything or is hard to buy for? These 5 gifts will suit just about everyone on your list! Amazon to the rescue!

Of course, you could just give them an Amazon gift card, but for those who want to give something a bit more personal, there are several things that you can give that special someone who is far away (whether because they are in the military or other service and deployed, or because they are in college, or because they simply live elsewhere), and they will also make great gifts for those picky people on your list, or that person who has everything.

Perhaps best of all? All but one of these gifts can be ordered right up until the very last minute and they will still arrive on time!

The Gift of a Year of Audible Audio Books

Here at the Internet Patrol we love our Audible membership, and they have gift memberships for the holidays! We listen to audio books in the car, while cleaning, and even while cooking! And there are so many great audio books from which to choose, and the gift of an Audible membership allows your gift recipient to pick their own audio books! You can give them a month of Audible for just $15, 3 months for $45, 6 months for $90, or a full year for $150!

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give audible as a gift

Give the gift of an Audible membership here.

The Gift of Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited allows someone to read as many Kindle ebooks as they want – it’s like an all-you-can-eat literary buffet! It also does include some audio books, but they are not the same level, quality, or selection as the audio books available on Audible. But for reading? This is the holy grail of digital reading. You can give your favorite bookworm the gift of 6 months of unlimited Kindle reading for $29.97, 12 months for $80.30, or a whopping 24 months for $143.80.

give kindle unlimited gift

Give the gift of Kindle Unlimited here.

The Gift of a Year of Amazon Prime

We have to confess that we don’t know many people these days who don’t already have Amazon Prime, but for those who don’t, it’s a great gift (couple it with an Amazon gift card and your recipient will be over the moon!)

And your gift Amazon Prime membership doesn’t just include a year of free shipping from Amazon, oh no. It also includes all of the movies and television shows on Prime Video, including Amazon Original shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel that you can only watch on Amazon. And then there are the millions of songs and playlists on Amazon Music Prime, and of course the great Prime membership deals at Whole Foods! A gift Amazon Prime membership is actually a heck of a gift!

Give the Gift of Amazon Prime here.

The Gift of Starbucks, Panera, Noodles, Outback Steakhouse, Cheesecake Factory, Fandango Movie, Best Buy, the Container Store, and So Many More!

Did you know that you can purchase gift cards to dozens of restaurants, clothing stores, electronics stores, entertainment venues, and more, right on Amazon? In fact, you can get gift cards to almost anywhere that sells gift cards right on Amazon. Of course, these are physical gift cards so they do have to be mailed to your recipient, but Amazon does that for you too!

gift cards available on amazon

Here is just a partial list of the gift cards available on Amazon (for a complete list go here):

complete list of gift cards on Amazon

Get non-Amazon Gift Cards on Amazon here!

Actual Amazon Gift Cards

Then again, if the person for whom you are getting a gift really loves shopping on Amazon, then an Amazon gift card is always welcome. And, as we mentioned above, it makes a great companion gift to the gift of an Amazon Prime membership!

And unlike the gift cards above, you can have an Amazon gift card delivered instantly, through email. Of course, you can also have a physical Amazon gift card mailed, if you prefer and have the time.

amazon gift cards

Get Amazon gift cards in any amount here!

And that’s our roundup of our 5 favorite last minute gifts!


Isn’t it nice to know that even if you order one of these gifts at 11:59 p.m. the night before, your gift will still arrive on the occasion?

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