How to Recover and Restore iTunes Music Purchases

We’ve written previously about how you can redownload your iTunes purchases, which is great if you don’t have that music on your current computer, smartphone, or other device. But what about if your purchased music files are on your computer drive or smartphone but have been damaged or otherwise corrupted? For example, a song always abruptly stops midway through playing, and iTunes won’t let you redownload the file? Here’s what to do.

Bruce Springsteen Offers Free Download of Live Chicago Concert Because of East Coast Blizzard

Not only is Bruce Springsteen the Boss, but he’s a class act, as well. Scheduled to play Madison Square Garden yesterday, the concert had to be postponed owing to the blizzard of ’16. And so, he and the E Street Band have made available for free download, in its entirety, last week’s Chicago concert, including the debut of their cover of the Eagles’ ‘Take it Easy’, as a tribute to Glenn Frey (entire playlist below). Now that’s class!

Google Takes iTunes on Head to Head with New Google Music Store in Android Market

Google has just announced a companion to Google Music, which graduated out of beta today, with the new Google Music Store, available through the Android Market. With this move, Google officially takes iTunes on head-to-head. And as Google Music is a cloud-based service, allowing you to store all of your music (including Google Music purchases) in the cloud and listen to it from any Android device, this seamless integration also has them matching iTunes stride for stride. In fact, because you can buy music directly from your Android phone or tablet, they have leap-frogged iTunes in that department, as you still cannot buy music from the iTunes store from your iPhone or iPad.

All About the Spotify Music Service

Spotify is an online streaming music service that has been available in certain countries in Europe since 2008, but Spotify in the USA has only been available since July 15th. Spotify differs from some other online music services in that 1) you don’t have to own the music to listen to it – Spotify music is streamed directly from Spotify’s own enormous online music library, and 2) the music Spotify offers is a vast collection of commercial music from well-known artists, any of which you can add to your Spotify playlists. Users can get Spotify for free by signing up at, then you download from Spotify the correct Spotify app for your computer. And speaking of your computer – Spotify also lets you listen to your own music as well as that in their library – the best of both worlds! There are also Spotify apps for most mobile platforms, so you can use Spotify on Android phones, iPhones, and Windows Mobile phones. And, of course, it took just two weeks for the official Spotify United States welcome: a lawsuit for patent infringement by PacketVideo. Welcome to the U.S., Spotify.

The New Apple Music Service in the Cloud, Called, of Course, iCloud

The netosphere is a’buzz with the announcement of Apple’s new cloud-based streaming music service. The Apple music service is actually part of a cloudy storage service called iCloud (what else?). iCloud is an online storage and “syncing” service which allows you to “sync” calendars, contacts, email, photos, documents, ebooks, and yes, your music, across multiple devices. The music part of it basically allows you to store your iTunes library in ‘the cloud’ and access it from any capable device. (We put “sync” in quotes because technically it’s not really syncing, it’s having your data “pushed” and downloaded to each of your devices, on demand, but many users still think of it as syncing.)

Yes It’s True! The Beatles are Available in iTunes – at Last!

Yesterday’s announcement by Apple that the music of the Beatles was finally available on iTunes brought cheers around the world (along with a few “So what?”s, it has to be said). And, it isn’t just a smattering of Beatles tunes – it is all of the Beatles music – every last bit of it. You can buy the albums individually, or in a compilation Box Set. Plus there is an exclusive “iTunes only” video of the Beatles’ very first U.S. concert, Live at the Washington Coliseum, 1964, (which you can watch for free through the end of the year)! Maybe now, at least, we will get that Beatles iPod, which has been rumoured for nearly 4 years.

Play Online Music for Free Directly from Google Search!

Now you can listen to free music online without downloading it, thanks to Google’s new music-playing search result feature! Goodbye music download, hello instant music gratification! Instead of searching for downloadable music, now you can just search for the music you love, and play it! Being called by some the Google Music Service or the Google Music Player, here’s how it works: when you search for music online through Google, the search results offer you the ability to play that music – for freedirectly from the search results, with a little ‘play’ box. This is all the result of a partnership between Google and music streaming sites such as Pandora, Lala, MySpace Music, and Real Player’s Rhapsody service.

Is the New iTunes Plus Worth the 30 Cents that the Plus Costs You?

It was a seemingly watershed moment in iTunes history. Earlier this year, Apple finally broke down and did away with their previously iron-clad pricing structure of .99 for any song in the iTunes catalog. Instead, they introduced their “iTunes Variable Pricing”, meaning that you might pay any of .66, .99, or $1.29 for a tune. But what makes this really interesting is that, in addition, now the entirety of Apple’s iTunes music catalog has lost the Apple-proprietary digital rights management (DRM) and is DRM-free, which is the + in “iTunes Plus”.

Free Online Christmas Music on the Internet with Online Radio Stations Playing Christmas Music

Free Christmas music onilne is always nice. And free online Christmas music is just what you need to get yourself into that holiday spirit – or at least to make work go by more quickly! So if you’ve been asking yourself “where can I listen to Christmas music on the Internet?”, here is a list of some great places offering streaming Christmas music so that you can listen to Christmas music online! Just jingle while you work!