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Pirates have been in the news a lot lately. Not the pirates of yore, but modern-day pirates who are boarding and hijacking ships right now. In fact, there have been dozens and dozens of pirate attacks on ships off the coast of Africa alone this year, several of them just in the past week.

If you weren’t aware of just how common pirate attacks are in the 21st century, the folks over at the International Chamber of Commerce have an online real-time interactive map that will show you at a glance just how serious this problem is. There have been at least 100 along the coasts of Africa alone (think about that, that averages to nearly two incidents of piracy a week)!

And the waters along Africa are by no means the only ones to have piracy incidents. This summer a yacht was boarded by pirates off the coast of Italy, and there have been numerous boardings across China, India, and Indonesia, and in South American waters.

To see where each of these attacks took place, and to read a full report of each, check out:

Online Internet Map of Current and Recent Acts of Piracy at the International Chamber of Commerce

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