The Best Christmas Sugar Cookies Recipe on the Internet

This time of year lots of people are searching online for the ultimate sugar cookie recipe. For that one recipe for the best sugar cookies out there, but one that is also easy to make, and yet allows you to make great cut out or decorated (or cut out and decorated) Christmas sugar cookies. But wait, it also has to be a recipe for make-ahead sugar cookies. Well, this recipe is all that, and more!

Post Office’s ‘Informed Delivery’ Sends You Email and Text Notifications of Your Mail and Packages

The USPS (the U.S. Postal Service or, as most people refer to it, simply, ‘the post office’) Informed Delivery service is now in full swing. Announced earlier this year, with the Informed Delivery service you can sign up with the post office to have scans and notifications of your mail sent to you via email and text message, including first class envelopes and packages that are on their way to you.

How to Make Picture Videos Online for Free – It’s Easy with Animoto!

Ever wonder how to make picture videos? How about how to make picture videos with music? You can make videos for free online with Animoto! Animoto is a program to make videos from pictures, or combining picture and videos into one movie, and in three easy steps you go from a virtual pile of pictures and videos on your hard drive to a finished video, complete with music and cool transitions! It’s so easy to make videos with pictures that you supply – just upload them, pick your theme and music, and voila! You not only get to make videos online for free, but it’s easy as pie, and you can share them with your friends, post them on YouTube, or embed them in your website, all for free!

How to Edit Comments on Facebook

Ever leave a comment on Facebook, only to realize that you embarrassingly misspelled a word, or perhaps the comment sounded a bit more harsh in written form than was intended? Sure, you could delete it and write it again, but how much easier would it be to just edit that comment? Well, Facebook has a fix for that: all you have to do is click an icon and the comment will be opened for you (and just you as the commenter) to edit.

Online Startup Plans Surprise Weekend Get-Aways for You – All You Have to do is Show Up

Want to plan a weekend get-away but on a tight budget? Not sure just what sort of travel vacation you can have on a 3-day weekend? Does a short surprise vacation sound fun? Then online startup Pack Up + Go may be just the ticket! Pack Up and Go will plan your weekend trips for you, and even keep it a secret to surprise you! All you have to do is pay and show up!

Explanation of Merchant Names on Your Credit Card or Bank Statement – Example: Who is SEI?

Ever look at a charge on your credit or debit card statement and wonder “who the heck is that?” We recently became aware of a lot of people finding a charge from “SEI” on their online statement who have no idea what SEI is, who SEI is, or what SEI stands for. They understandably want to know “What is this charge?” So we decided to write up this simply explanation of merchant names on credit card statements, using the cryptic “SEI” as an example.

Our Picks for Great Christmas Websites for the 2015 Holidays

There are hundreds of thousands of Christmas themed websites (and orders of magnitude more holiday themed websites), so how can you possibly be expected to find and choose the best Christmas websites? You can’t, because, for one thing, “best” is so very subjective. So instead, we offer you our picks for some great Christmas themed websites for 2015! Let us know if you think they are the ‘best’ in your estimation!

Flight Delayed or Cancelled? $19 Gets You Rebooked with No Extra Ticket Cost, No Lines, and No Hassle!

Imagine traveling over the holidays to see friends or family, and your flight is delayed or, worse, cancelled. Or traveling to a business meeting, and because of a flight delay, you miss your connection. Now imagine a service that, for only $19, will alert you of the upcoming delay or cancellation, and that will automatically find you alternate flights, and book them for you at no extra cost to you, all from the privacy and hassle-free convenience of your smartphone. No standing in lines, no calling around to other airlines, no waiting on hold, no having to frantically surf travel sites. Sound too good to be true? Well, it’s not – it’s a service called Freebird.

The Best Free Online PDF to Text Converter

We often have occasion to need to OCR a PDF to convert it to text, and we believe that we have found the best online PDF to text converter out there. Whether you need an online PDF to Word converter, a PDF to doc or docx converter, or even a PDF to Excel converter, this online PDF converter will do it, and best of all, if your document is short, it’s free! And, they support 46 languages! Here’s our review.

Epic Rap Battles of History Videos Provide Fun Online History Channel

Here are some fun history song videos: Epic Rap Battles of History. While history music lovers may quibble about whether or not rap is music (is that argument still going on?), there is no doubt that these history education rap videos are catchy and fun, which makes for stickiness when it comes to history lessons. And what could be more fun than pitting historical characters against each other in a rap battle?

Searching for YHS Codes Such as yhs-002 or yhs-fullyhosted_003? Talk to Us!

We have been getting a lot of searches lately for terms such as yhs-fh_lsonsw, yhs-per_003, yhs-002, yhs-002, yhsm-imp1, yhs-fullyhosted_003, and yhse-gt. When we notice that we get a lot of a certain search, we will usually write an article about the topic, so that people searching for it can find the information that they are looking for (we’re helpful like that). But so far, we have been completely unable to find any useful information about these strange yhs codes.