8 thoughts on “How to Cancel a Stamps.com Account

  1. contacted them via email at [Link deleted]> Managing your account> How do I close my account?

    and complained that I was unable to close the account because the link just kept me on the current page. Got an email right away there were sorry to see me go, verify my account info so they can close the account for me. We’ll see if it works.

  2. I easily CANCELLED FROM THE WEB SITE, as Colin described.
    1. Login to www.stamps.com.
    2. Under your username in the top right corner, use the pulldown menu to select “Manage Account”.
    3. On the ‘My Account’ page, under PC Postage Account column, select “Change Plan”, then select “Close Account”.
    4. You receive an e-mail confirmation immediately and a receipt. If you closed within the 4-week introductory time frame, your final receipt should say $0.

    1. I also cancelled online, but guess what??? It didnt ACTUALLY cancel and I am still getting billed…this is not a very good company if they are so worried about keeping customers that they have to be difficult and even dishonest to keep them!

  3. So, if I call and they said my account is closed, I for sure won’t be charged for the free trial right? I didn’t receive and email saying that my account is closed so I’m not so sure anymore. And I did try to close my account online before the trial was up.

  4. I just cancelled my account. It’s a lot easier now, you don’t really have to talk to anyone. Just call, enter your phone number and tell the machine why you want to close your account. They will automatically offer you some promotions (two actually). Just decline both and they will close your account.

  5. If you want a REFUND, after calling in select OPTION 4 on your phone. You can press the four as soon as the automated system says “for accounts press 1”. This will get you to a person who can refund you your fees.

    You can CANCEL ONLINE in many cases by going through “My Account” or “Manage Account” when logged in. You might have to do it through “change of service” link after clicking manage account.

    You can cancel via email as well. Just write a very strongly worded one threatening to report them to the attorney general or better business bureau. They might make you verify a security question and your physical address in a follow up email.

    If you have to call in and select the regular cancellation option, tell the agent “I just cancelled through your automated system, and it said I might be billed again. I don’t want to pay another fee.” The agent will cancel your account and waive your fee. At most you’ll have to appeal to their good nature to waive the fee or ask for a supervisor.

  6. After you cancel, you will get another monthly ‘final account fee’. So if you miss your cancel date by one day, they try to charge you two fees of $15.99. You have to call again to get the fee cancelled and only a supervisor can cancel the fee.

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